Paid advertising is a critical part of every marketing campaign as businesses struggle to stay relevant in a world of ever-changing social media trends.

Social media consultants find that while advertising on these platforms can be very worthwhile, it’s essential to recognize that social media is constantly growing and changing itself.

Success with social media advertising management depends on embracing the changes and evolving with all the new trends.

Facebook Ads - No Longer the Darling of Paid Advertising

Advertising on Facebook has been highly lucrative for many businesses over the past few years, making it an easy option for starting out with paid advertising.

Unfortunately, as Facebook continues to deal with sitewide issues like privacy concerns, constantly changing algorithms making it harder to reach target audiences, users spending less time on Facebook, and other challenges, social media consultants are in search of other platforms to use for advertising.

For businesses with open minds and the ability to get a little creative, there are plenty of options available.

Other Growing Issues with Traditional Paid Advertising

In addition to the concerns that some advertisers have about traditional Facebook ads, current research now suggests that organic reach is dwindling and last-click attribution suffering as buyers have become more willing to buy directly from social sites.

E-commerce websites are facing their own challenges as well due to poor functionality and lack of personalization that can reel in users and help them make purchases.

Embrace New Social Media Advertising Opportunities

In light of negative changes with Facebook ads and other types of paid advertising, the good news is that there are other social media platforms offering some new and promising spots that social media managers and marketers can focus on.

Used creatively, each can deliver great results as part of any marketing campaign:

  • Messenger Apps - Messengers rule the social world today as people spend more time communicating over various messenger apps than any other way. Implement Facebook Messenger, Instagram DMs, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and other popular messaging apps for your business and develop new creative campaigns to run using these platforms.
  • Social Stories - The use of disappearing “stories” is growing exponentially and far surpassing the way people share using social media. Make fun, creative, and easily-consumed vertical content that can be viewed on the fly to make a memorable impression.
  • Chat Bots and Plugins - Adding chat bots and automatic assistant plugins to websites is another way to keep things more social and provide instantaneous, personalized help for users who are becoming increasingly accustomed to getting immediate answers when looking to make a purchase.

Embrace Change and Get Creative!

As the reach of Facebook ads and organic search continue to shrink while users pay more attention to the more social aspects of social media, businesses need to evolve with their audiences by refocusing their paid advertising efforts.

Social media management experts find that by embracing new ideas like creative stories, messaging-based campaigns, and the use of other social apps growing in popularity, companies can continue reaching target audiences and even take advantage of a growing acceptance to buy straight from these platforms.

A given factor that every social media consultant must know is that online marketing is continuously changing and successful companies must change with it to keep up!

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