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Pay per click and pay per call advertising are popular, effective marketing tools used in various forms. These ads give marketers an affordable way to generate leads since businesses do not pay unless they get actual results. Based on this type of results-oriented advertising, it is essential that PPC services carefully monitor ad results, which can be done using call attribution.

What Is Call Attribution?

Call attribution is the process of tracking incoming business calls to determine their source and which ads they came from. Somewhat more challenging than monitoring text-based pay per click results, ads that use call-in phone numbers must be tracked in a more sophisticated way. When tracked using call attribution, marketers can monitor incoming calls in a number of useful ways.

  • Call attribution enables marketers to measure the results that their different ads generate in order to determine payments to publishers and estimate future advertising budgets.
  • Call attribution gives PPC services a good look at how their different campaigns are performing so they can adjust as necessary to improve those results.

How Does Call Attribution Work?

The effective monitoring of phone-in advertising involves two main elements. Unlike pay per click ads that lead users to a specific web page, pay-per-call ads utilize unique phone numbers that are used to differentiate between ad campaigns. When a customer phones in on any one of the campaign phone numbers, the specific campaign they are responding to is identified and its individual data such as keywords, ad type, publisher, and other details are analyzed.

A second element required for effective call attribution is a call tracking platform that can do the monitoring. These tracking tools monitor the different phone numbers in use with various campaigns, allowing marketers to analyze the results being achieving by each campaign. Using this critical information, it is possible to modify advertising campaigns to better target active audiences and improve advertising results from PPC ads.

While call attribution gives marketers the tools they need to plan and budget PPC services effectively, it also allows advertising publishers to track ad results as well. Once incoming calls are qualified and analyzed, publishers can then tabulate actual calls that need to be billed to a client.

Call attribution is an essential tool used to measure incoming calls from pay per click and call advertising campaigns. Using unique phone numbers for different ad campaigns, marketers and ad publishers alike are able to monitor the results of PPC services for future campaign planning and payment for PPC ads. By knowing exactly which ad generated a phone call, PPC marketers are able to track and more effectively adjust targeting more to increase ad traffic and gain more viable leads!

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