Pay per click ads are probably one of the easiest forms of online advertising that any business, even smaller ones, can use to start attracting new customers.

Yet it’s a common misconception that only bigger businesses with higher ad budgets can do well with it.

Success with PPC services simply demands proper research and planning of each of your PPC campaigns.

When you’re ready to start looking at PPC advertising for your small business, you stand to have just as much success with it as the big guys by using the same techniques they do.

Plan your campaign carefully, monitor it closely, and you have just as much of a chance to get great results with PPC services on a small budget as bigger companies do with a larger one!

1. Do Your Research

Good audience research is the one critical detail that can make or break your PPC campaign right from the start.

If you’re not targeting the right people, then your ad budget is going to be wasted on users who are not really interested in what you have to offer.

To compete with larger PPC service budgets, it’s essential that yours be spent as efficiently and wisely as possible.

2. Decide On A PPC Budget

Decide on a monthly and yearly ad budget to spend on pay per click ads and keep track of it.

Smaller businesses should be prepared to spend $1,000 or more on PPC ads monthly.

Of course, the goal is to use that budget wisely and efficiently so your ads get shown to your target audience, conversion go up, and income as well.

Keep in mind that you have to spend money on advertising to make money in sales.

3. Use Analytics and Conversion Tracking

Always make use of the tracking and analytics tools that are built into your pay per click advertising platform as they are essential to help determine how well your campaign is performing.

Use conversion tracking as well so you will have a real-time view of whether your conversion rate is increasing, decreasing, or not changing at all; all data you can use to modify targeting and other aspects of your campaign.

4. Do What the Big Spenders Do

Even if you don’t have tens of thousands of dollars to spend on PPC services each month, you can still get good results from your PPC budget by doing the things big spenders do that have been shown to increase their results:

  • Landing Pages - Invest in Landing Pages as the more you have for your different PPC ads, the better they will do
  • Ad Extensions - Use Ad Extensions that make your more visually appealing, which can increase click-through and conversion rates considerably.
  • Negative Keywords - Use some negative keywords which can seem counterproductive yet can get your ad noticed if they are used the right way.
  • Higher Scores - Strive for higher ad impression-weighted Quality Scores and Performance Ratings within the ad platform as higher scores can get you more conversions and results in a lower overall cost per click.

Act Like A Big Business And See Results!

The trick to winning the game with PPC services is only partly about how much money you have to spend on pay per click advertising.

It’s also about developing a fine-tuned campaign that is well-researched and tracked so you can see how it’s performing and how it should be modified.

Using these behind-the-scenes methods, even smaller businesses can achieve PPC success, even with a much smaller budget!

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