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Since it was first released, Google’s Penguin algorithm update has caused headaches for SEO specialists all over. Now, since its most recent update in late September, some of those headaches may finally be resolving. Google has improved Penguin in a number of ways, one of the most significant changes being that the algorithm is updating websites in real time.

It has a new ability to ignore incoming spam links rather than devaluing an entire website because of them. Along with other positive changes, it seems Penguin is finally giving marketers a chance to improve their SEO much more effectively and efficiently.

Problems with Penguin

Designed in 2012, the Penguin algorithm was created as a tool to fight against spammy websites so that Google could improve its ability to provide high quality responses to user inquiries. The way this algorithm worked back then was spammy pages and any linking page were all penalized and devalued by the search engine. The ultimate result of this was lower page rank, not just for the affected page but for the entire website.

As if that was not enough of an issue, until September the Penguin algorithm always ran separately from the main search algorithm. SEO specialists could go in and correct an issue; however, the devaluation due to association with the spam site even through an incoming link remained until Penguin was updated and could re-index pages. Considering the fact that Penguin updates have been few and far between since its inception, this had definitely become a major SEO concern for some marketers who have struggled to raise website ranks while dealing with the problem of incoming spam links.

How Recent Changes to Penguin Level The Playing Field

After a long wait, SEO specialists recently breathed a sigh of joy and relief when the latest Penguin release came out because the problem of updating devalued pages has finally been resolved. Google has incorporated Penguin into its main algorithm, meaning it is now possible to make important website changes and begin to see their results with SEO in as long as it takes for the site to be re-indexed. This real time updating comes as a very welcome change, giving companies much more flexibility and a greater ability to improve websites faster.

In addition to how Penguin runs in real time and now allows fast page updates, incorporation with the main algorithm has provided yet another even more important benefit. As a part of the main search algorithm, Penguin can now differentiate between individual web pages, which means it no longer penalizes an entire website. Combined with the added advantage that the algorithm now simply ignores incoming spam links rather than penalizing a page (or an entire website), this has made it a win-win situation for everyone. The threat of spammy links is now gone.

The recent release of Penguin’s latest update has brought with it important benefits for SEO specialists who were previously battling Penguin’s unyielding limitations. Since the algorithm has become part of Google’s main algorithm, it has become smarter and more flexible while still performing its essential spam-reducing duties. Penguin 2016 is a positive mark on SEO today and fighting spam well into the future!

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