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Resharing previously published blog posts is a marketing technique that SEO expert services commonly use, for a number of reasons. One great reason to share older content is to keep the content on your blog moving. Another reason is to help your SEO efforts with refurbished content to increase the number of views it receives.

The big question is not whether you should reshare your content, but whether you are doing it the right way. Get the most from your reshared content by applying the important techniques below offered by experienced SEO companies.

Update Popular Older Content

When choosing which content to reshare, select topics from your most popular and useful posts that are still relevant today. Resharing content that is outdated is not going to do anything to help your brand or your SEO efforts. Find posts that got a lot of interaction in the past and read them over to ensure the content is still correct.

SEO expert services recommend updating any details that have changed since the first publishing, then checking all links to ensure they still work. With a quick refreshening, these older yet popular posts can continue to work for you.

Present Reshared Content In New Ways

Resharing can be as easy as simply reposting your revised content like any other blog post or finding another way to present it to increase views. One way you can do this is by targeting new audiences.

Another way is to present reshared content with a similar theme or focus as a “best of” post, highlighting all previous content. This is an effective technique an SEO company might use to gain great traffic on the main post and generate more traffic to older ones.

Remember that a post containing a collection of links to other content must be viewed itself and the links to the reshared content must be followed as well.

Share to New Social Audiences

Rather than resharing identical content to the original group of viewers, SEO expert services suggest finding newer interested audiences. Modify your main headers and subheaders so they are attractive to different readers and monitor your results to identify new potential audiences. Even though it is the same content under the link and headline, you will bring in new readers who have yet to see it, improving your SEO as you do.

Use Content Automation

Once you have selected and modified the content you would like to reshare, you need to get it out there. One fast and easy way an SEO company may do this so they can focus more on the continual creation of new content is through automation.

There are a number of social media and content posting tools available today that can make posting reshared content a breeze. When used in combination with manually posted fresh, new content, your automated reshared posts also help ensure that your brand’s sites are active and posting quality content.

Resharing existing content is a great way to improve SEO and get more people to view it. SEO expert services stress the need to go about this the right way, by first updating the information, seeking ways to reach new readers, and automating to keep your sites moving. By using this method suggested by SEO companies, your most popular posts from the past can continue to help you obtain great results from your marketing efforts!

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