Generating online leads that convert to sales is more challenging every day. Yet with the rise of social media, some businesses have taken advantage of such platforms to their full benefit. Social sites are not where the sales take place; however, skilled social media marketing does attract sales. Having the right social presence and a good understanding of how to attract and engage the right audience, social sites are an invaluable way to generate valid interest and boost sales as a result.

Use The Right Social Sites

Today, there are a plethora of social networks available, some of which are more popular or relevant than others to a specific business. While it may seem that being on every social site will cover the most bases, a company should stick with the most important sites of Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and evaluate the others based on if that site is popular with a company’s targeted audience. A business wants to know about their audiences and then great social media marketing to connect with that audience.

Create Customer Interest and Interaction

Getting audiences from a social site to a website means creating the type of interest that causes a user to want to know more. Social media is a great place to announce and broadcast news and information; however, success comes when a follower actually leaves clicks over to the business website where sales take place. The best way to do this is with a social media marketing campaign that targets audiences most likely to find a product or service relevant and interacts with them.

Continuing to add information on social sites keeps a brand noticed and is the best way to manage social media marketing. Engaging a follower through questions, offers, and comment responses builds interest through interaction. When a visitor feels valued, comfort and trust about the brand is established and built. That is when a brand and its website will be remembered and considered as trustworthy. Websites like this build a solid following of customers when their shopping needs are filled 125%.

Be Informative, But Not Instant

Marketing via social media works by establishing relationships. To develop a trusted affiliation, a business needs to put aside their sales pitch, take an actual interest in providing information, and interact without making overwhelming a follower with sales rhetoric only. A post that mentions products, shares good information about them, and even suggests how they can help certain followers must be informative in nature, not sales-oriented only. Viewers who are truly interested in the product or service can be led with a simple link to the website to make a purchase. The fact that they are interacting with a social page to begin with is a good sign. Just like in a retail store, customers will seek help and decide on making a purchase without being chased around the store – or a website – by an annoying sales pitch to conclude a sale.

Combined with a strategic advertising campaign, the right type of social media marketing helps a business create the best SEO, and most importantly, helps them get the sales. By building a good online reputation, engaging audiences, and providing them with desired information and interaction, a company can see an increase in website visits, and hopefully an increase in sales as well!

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