Having a good online reputation is important for any business, and is of special concern to a company that does business locally. Those competing for local customers need to look their best to local customers, so online reputation management cannot be overlooked. To build a great online reputation and manage it easily and conveniently, consider the following tips used by the best SEO companies to help businesses put their best foot forward and stay relevant in front of the right audiences.

Build A Good Online Presence

Before any business can have a great reputation, it must be recognized. An online presence must be established with a website that ranks in the SERP’s, makes active use of social media, and claims any available directory listings on popular search engine business directories. It is important to use targeted advertising campaigns that cater to local users. A company must do whatever is necessary to be visible to local viewers, including the use of social media sites to interact with users, customers, and information seekers.

Take Advantage of All Social Media Offers

There are a few social sites where every business should have a profile – Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ as well as any other one that is specifically relevant to their business. Big Tip: business social sites aren’t of any benefit if they are not used. Considering how Facebook continues to change the way pages are seen through their news feed, it is essential to stay active on social sites and increase customer visibility and engagement. Profiles on sites where customers may look for or interact with a business, are essential to create a presence and build a positive reputation. Customers like transparency, accessibility, and finding what they want.

Have A Blog

A website blog is also a valuable addition to a business online presence. A blog provides more ways to be found in a search, good information for local users, and invites positive reactions from those who may become customers. Blogs have become an essential part of a solid online presence today – even a local one.

Interact with Audiences

Audiences that interact with social pages, blogs, and websites are potential customers, as they have already noticed a business and are interacting. Sometimes that engagement might be questions or information-seeking; other times it might be praise – or even a complaint. Regardless of what people are saying, a company seeking to build and manage their online reputation must always acknowledge this. Users should feel appreciated, which increases the chance they will become actual customers.

This is especially important when a response is negative. A company can still benefit from a complaint, depending on how it is handled. Be willing to apologize, compromise, and do whatever is necessary to reasonably please a customer and gain the respect of others who are monitoring the situation online.

Online reputation management for a local business is synonymous to in-person word-of-mouth references. Customers want to deal with a trusted company. Great reputation management helps them identify that company. Local visibility and a great reputation will attract local traffic sooner than the competition!

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