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How Should I Shape My Local Pack in Google?

The Local 3-Pack in the Google search results page is a somewhat newer web marketing feature that showed up only a few years ago and is one that any business seeking customers in their local market should definitely pursue.

Ranking within the local pack can boost sales considerably by making [...]

Did You Notice Google’s June 2019 Broad Core Update?

It’s been a relatively quiet year for digital marketing in terms of Google algorithm updates and the changes that can sometimes affect digital marketing strategies.

Yet Google did announce an unexpected update on June 2nd on Twitter, the broad core search algorithm has been updated, and the update started to [...]

Reliable Ways to Leverage Your Online Reputation!

Reputation is everything in the business world; it’s one of the main factors customers use to make a purchasing decision.

Unfortunately, every business will sooner or later deal with an unhappy customer who seeks to damage that company's reputation.

Online reputation consultants have proven invaluable in helping businesses favorably resolve [...]