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Pay per click services have become an essential advertising tool in the mobile marketer’s SEM arsenal. Getting the best results with PPC services means finding the most effective and creative ways to use such services. With this in mind, marketers should consider the following ideas for making the most of PPC budgets and marketing efforts.

Inclusion of Mobile PPC In All Ad Campaigns

To cash in on Google’s current mobile-first emphasis, it is important that online advertising includes effective mobile advertising. Encouraging this, Google has provided many new features to aid PPC services by including mobile ads in their marketing efforts. Marketing campaigns should include mobile ads that link to mobile-friendly landing pages, as well as click-to-call ads and other types that experiment with various types of promos. Compelling content and clear calls to action, as well as optimized extensions based on location, offerings, price breakdown and other important links, should also be included.

RLSA - Remarketing Lists for Search Ads

Remarketing is one of the best marketing tools for pay per click services. It helps sellers find users who have displayed interest in specific products in the past and are most likely to buy in the future, then display relevant ad content to them. RLSA can help marketers know where to focus their advertising budgets or which keywords warrant higher bids based on interest in those products and keywords. This makes RLSA great for businesses working with either highly competitive keywords or smaller advertising budgets that must be carefully allocated.

DSAs - Dynamic Search Ads

DSAs provide an efficient way for pay per click services to market relevant items to searchers within their standard pay per click campaigns. They are most effective for online retailers with huge product catalogs. DSAs allow marketers to track which ads and items are being served in the SERPs based on item relevance to search requests, ad quality, and other details. This information can provide great insight into the way Google is prioritizing products to help PPC services determine how to prioritize and budget their pay per click campaigns.

PPC Based on Current Events and Trends

Whether the event is a national holiday, expected bad weather, or some new fad, creating ad campaigns that deal with current events can also be highly effective. Jumping at the chance to market relevant content to increasing audiences searching for those products requires fast action and can definitely pay off. Marketers should study what is happening on a local, national, and global scale, then market to those who are newly searching for these items. These temporary campaigns are likely to change frequently, but can generate great results.

When investing in pay per click services, marketers need to do more than just create an ad for the search engines. Obtaining the best results from PPC services takes some creativity and knowing what the best ways are to present the right ads to the right viewers. It also means making PPC for mobile a main part of every advertising campaign. By using the four methods discussed above, a business has the best chance of increasing lead generation and hopefully sales as well!

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