A well-known fact to today’s reputation management consultants is that digital reviews play a critical role in increasing sales.

Therefore, customer feedback in the form of reviews and testimonials must be viewed as an essential part of every digital marketing strategy.

By understanding how online reviews work for a brand, it is easy to see why tapping into them has become a critical part of current digital marketing tactics.

Digital Reviews Add Credibility

With consumers more and more seeking information and validation of where they spend their hard-earned money, online reviews have become one of the main ways to verify a company’s credibility and the value of their products.

Reputation management consultants find that where paid advertising used to carry significantly more weight when determining trustability, consumers now look to each other for that credibility.

This is partly due to a growing distrust of paid advertising claims and the need for consumers to find valid ways to gauge products and businesses.

It is why every digital marketing strategy must consider this and how to generate positive, sales-driving reviews to keep those sales coming in.

After all, who better to listen to than someone else who has already bought?

Shared Experiences Matter

Modern consumers look for shared experiences to help them make their purchases.

Shared experiences are basically feedback and reviews from other consumers on which new customers can base their decisions.

Research indicates that as many as 85% of consumers trust user reviews more than any other marketing information when looking to make a purchase.

This fact alone highlights the need to cultivate customer reviews as part of an effective digital marketing tactic.

While other methods work to get the brand seen, it has become user reviews and feedback that actually help convince new customers into buying by sharing their experiences.

Making Digital Reviews Work

The key to making online reviews work as part of an effective digital marketing strategy is to create feedback loops that bring brand, existing customers, and future customers together:

  • Ask for Reviews - Though many may not do it on their own, 65% of consumers are happy to leave a review when prompted by companies who simply ask them to do it. Encourage users to make their reviews personal by sharing a story to add even more credibility to their review.
  • Engage With Reviewers - Don’t let the interaction stop once a review is submitted. Reputation management consultants strongly recommend engaging with customers who leave reviews to build bonds between brands and their customers and show responsiveness as well as interest in making sure customers are happy.
  • Share Great Feedback - Highlight especially inspiring reviews and testimonials by highlighting them on brand websites and social media so more people see them.

Use the Power of Digital Reviews to Increase Sales

In this day and age of endless online competition, brands need digital marketing strategies that do much more than just get them noticed.

They need marketing tactics that include harnessing the power of online customer reviews to support the brand and make them more credible, boosting sales as a result.

Reputation management consultants rely heavily on digital reviews and other word-of-mouth methods, as today, these hold greater value among consumers than brands touting their own virtues.

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