If there is one thing that can be said about Google and its search engines, it is the fact that Google is truly the only one who understands how those search engines work! There is never a dull moment when striving for the best SE,O since every few weeks there is something new to learn about improving page rank and more recently - topical trust flow. This is a newer term in the world of SEO, but one that is becoming quite relevant in gauging website success as Google sees it.

What Is Topical Trust Flow?

Google has made it well known that the end user has priority when gauging a website for page ranking. Page rank is awarded for high quality content that offers value to the user, good function, and other qualities that come together to create a positive user experience. Topical trust flow is yet another way Google measures website value; however, this time it is based on topical categories and a user’s past searches to determine relevance. By categorizing websites and ranking them within their categories, Google is finding better ways to provide the most relevant and useful content for each individual user.

How Does Topical Trust Flow Work?

Based on site content, a website is assigned numerous topical categories and subcategories by Google. This helps search engines determine relevance according to a person's search queries. The more and better content a site has that fits a certain category, the higher the site’s ranking within that category. When someone searches for content, Google then refers to their past search history (among other things), and presents the most relevant search results from the most relevant categories.

What Does this Mean for Page Rank?

Page rank still exists, and is still important - for now. Yet this new understanding of how topical trust flow works, changes how an SEO company needs to look at achieving a good page rank for their client. In a sense, page rank may become easier provided the principles behind topical trust flow are considered first. Page rank is gained through good content, user-friendliness and other user-related qualities, separating a website from other similar sites.

Topical trust flow helps by more closely defining these competitor websites. Some experts feel Google may be trying to phase out page ranking altogether, replacing it with topical trust flow. In the end, the details remain the same, which is a well-functioning website with high quality content that will help create the best SEO and topical trust flow.

Gauging and Improving Topical Trust Flow

Currently there are a few metrics tools available to analyze a website, based on specific categories, and assign a trust flow rating. After determining a site’s rating in relevant categories, the goal then becomes choosing which categories need improvement and working towards that. To improve trust flow ratings in a particular category, a website must improve their content for that category. This includes actual, provided content, incoming and outgoing links, and also user function, since a page that is user-friendly becomes a valuable page to users.

Topical trust flow is becoming an important new method by which Google is gauging website importance in order to determine which search results to present to which users. This changes the way in which the best SEO is obtained, although achieving higher trust flow is accomplished in basically the same way that achieving a higher page rank is. SEO is becoming more topically based, so it is more important than ever for a website to provide relevant, valuable content for their users, while avoiding content that dilutes SEO efforts!

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