Remarketing is a technique that’s gaining more attention these days and with good reason. It works.

Like anything else, there are the naysayers, the ones who feel they have no use for remarketing services and that their current campaign is doing just great.

If you want your PPC campaigns to do even better, consider these important facts about remarketing management and how it really can boost your marketing success.

1. Conversions Increase Over Time

Research shows that even though click-through rates usually decrease over time for regular PPC ads, they increase over time when using remarketing.

Repeated exposure to brands and products of interest increase the chance of converting viewers by gently reminding them that you’re there.

2. Less Risk of Ad Fatigue

Also known as creep factor, ad fatigue is possible with any type of advertising. Many wrongfully believe that ad fatigue is especially high when using remarketing services.

This is actually false. Properly done to include a variety of ads and approaches, in most cases good remarketing management increases conversions long before ad fatigue sets in.

3. Great for Increasing Brand Awareness

By its very nature of targeting users who have shown interest, remarketing helps you build brand awareness by being there.

It’s also much easier to build awareness with display ads than it is with ads for search. Logos, brand colors, and other creative elements help make a more lasting impression.

4. A Better Strategy Than the Funnel

Remarketing services have completely surpassed the traditional marketing funnel, getting you more conversions more easily.

While the funnel has different steps for catching potential customers at the bottom and guiding them through until they make a purchase, remarketing is more efficient and effective.

It targets those users who have already shown interest and are most likely to convert.

You can also target them at any stage in the buying process and draw them back the same way, no funnel necessary.

5. Convert with Display Ads

Traditionally, display ads convert at a much lower rate than search ads.

While they're great for brand building, they’re not so great for getting you actual sales.

Using remarketing management, you can have the best of both as display ads convert almost as high as ads for search.

6. Lower Costs Mean Higher ROI

Display and social ads used for remarketing are much cheaper than ads for search.

Even though search converts at a higher rate, the cost savings for display that converts almost as high is more economical.

You get a higher ROI.

7. Works with Display, Social, and Search Ads

Best of all, remarketing services can be used with any type of ad, each with different benefits.

Display ads are more cost-effective and promote brand building.

Social ads increase ad exposure considerably.

Search ads may cost more but convert at a higher rate.

Good remarketing management works in any type of ad campaign.

Are you ready to give remarketing a try in your online advertising campaigns?

Skilled remarketing services can help you get more conversions while your competitors struggle with the same old PPC ads.

You’ll be able to reel in viewers who might have gotten away otherwise and get more sales!

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