Web design, and what is required to create a good design, is commonly a topic of frustration between designers and website owners. Business owners often have a vision in their heads of what their website should look like and what it should do. Unfortunately, all too often their ideas are either not feasible, or will do nothing to help generate the best SEO. Website owners must understand the importance of SEO, and why working with the best SEO company may require them to change their vision a little bit, and adapt to the ideas that experienced designers suggest. Web design directly affects SEO, and for a business to get the most benefit from their website, it must be designed with SEO in mind.

Understand the Purpose of A Website

The easiest way to comprehend how a web design directly affects SEO is to first understand the purpose of a website. A website's basic purpose is to showcase a business and what it has to offer, although a there are other purposes and goals it must first meet in order to do that. To represent a certain brand, the public must first be able to see the website. In order for the public to see and use a website, they must be able to search for it. This means that it is necessary to create a web design that promotes good SEO so potential customers/clients can easily find it. A site should be user-friendly, with all the proper functions to provide the user with the best experience.

Understand Effective Web Design

Regardless of a business owner’s personal tastes, it is essential to realize that certain types of web design are conducive to the best SEO. This is often where businesses make mistakes, because they do not understand how design affects the results they get from their website. It is also why working with the best SEO company is so important. 

When designing a website for SEO, certain elements and design methods must be incorporated that have been proven to provide just that. Because Google rates user experience highly when rewarding a website with a better page rank, it is essential to design according to what creates a better experience.

What Makes A Good Web Design for SEO?

Designing a website for SEO requires an understanding of what Google rewards, and what a company can achieve greater success with. Responsive design that is mobile friendly and functional on any size device is critical. Layout and navigation that helps a user easily navigate a website and find what they are looking for is equally important. Colors, type styles and sizes, and the type of media used can add to, or detract from the user experience, so using the right elements is essential. Anything that gets a user from the SERP's to the endpoint easily and quickly is good for SEO, and is the type of design every business needs. 

Layout is not the only thing of importance. Brand recognition is also high on the list of essentials for a successful web design.  Consistency with online presence, choosing the right layouts, colors and design elements for all sites (website, blogs, social media pages, directory listings) and designing the most professional presentation possible within the elements known to successfully generate SEO are all important. Also, even though content is not actually a part of “design,” high quality content that includes relevant text, and optimized images and video offers a better user experience, thereby improving SEO. 

The main thing website owners must understand in order to create a successful website depends on two things: 1) getting the best SEO; and, 2) creating a good user experience. Obtaining this depends on using design methods proven to provide these results. For SEO purposes, and to create the most effective website, a business should work with the best SEO company, who can take their ideas and turn them into reality while continuing to ensure the site has the best SEO!

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