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SEO continues to change with each passing day; however, every search engine optimization company should realize there are still a few tried and true tactics that are the basis of achieving great page ranking.

Others may not be quite as obvious, yet can do wonders for improving rank when properly implemented. To see page rank climb, contact experienced search engine optimization companies and add the following four simple techniques to your marketing plan.

1. Good Meta Descriptions Bring Good Traffic

Making it to the top of the SERPs does little good if there is no actual website traffic or a high bounceback rate. Help searchers find exactly what they are looking for on a site by completing an informative, optimized meta description that accurately describes the page. This brings more interested users to a page and increases the effect that search engine optimization companies can gain by building page rank with more relevant and higher quality content delivered to the user. A well written meta description will draw in more traffic from those who are interested, increasing conversions and website value at the same time.

2. Make Sure Sites Are Easily Indexed

Every search engine optimization company knows that to be seen, websites must be indexed. Still, some websites get lost in the vastness of Google search, not receiving any attention. Increase index rates and speed by making pages more crawlable. Start by submitting new sites and pages for faster indexing through Google’s Webmaster tools. Include sitemaps, create URLs that are search friendly, and continue to post fresh and unique content. Incoming and internal links help improve indexing, as does linking websites and social media pages.

3. Optimize for Local Search

Businesses with a physical location need to be easily searchable based on location so that nearby customers can find them.  Most importantly, keep NAP (name, address and phone number) consistent on all websites, profiles, and listings as well as try to bring in links from other local listings. Search engine optimization companies need to focus on local search by creating optimized and focused content.

4. Seek Customer Reviews and Ratings

Never underestimate the power of customer reviews and star ratings. Reviews are important testimonials that help a business gain more customers. While star ratings are important to customers, they are also important to Google. Google can now import seller ratings, allowing companies with good ratings to show that fact off and draw in more website traffic as a result. Even better, star ratings can help to improve local SEO.

Despite the fact that there are new techniques for search engine optimization companies to try every day, there are some tried and true ones that should always be used as well. To earn the highest page rank, every search engine optimization company should create a checklist of items that include those mentioned above to ensure there are no steps being left out. The time spent on these details can help improve the effectiveness of other marketing techniques!

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