Getting started with paid search advertising can seem easy enough, right? Just create an ad account, pay for the pay per click advertising you want, and the rest is easy as pie!

As good as that sounds, you're unlikely to get the results you want if you stay with the outlook on the paid advertising process.

Instead, you put some time into tackling search advertising the way professional PPC services do and build a campaign that can actually work for you.

Do The Research

Like every other part of online marketing, a good paid search advertising campaign starts off with a lot of research.

It’s essential to know who you are advertising to and the keywords that will help to bring you favorable results.

That frequently involves experimenting with different keywords in your pay per click advertising so you can fine-tune ads as you go to find the right keywords, not just any keywords.

Know What You Want Your Ad to Say

You need to know what you're advertising and the message your ads need to get across.

Professional PPC services stress that an effective message considers everything from the target audience and product being sold to the different ways in which that message can be presented to generate an increasingly more positive response.

Beyond the obvious of generating the right ad copy, understand the different extension options in the Google Ads platform so you can make them work for you to productively deliver your message.

Create Effective Landing Pages

Optimized landing pages are critical for creating conversions with paid search advertising, although many people might be tempted to skip them as designing an effective landing page takes time and requires even more keyword research.

Yet you will see greater success and higher ROI when you link an ad to a landing page rather than just sending viewers to your homepage or some other page on your website where they could become sidetracked.

Correctly designed landing pages are designed to convert without losing the viewer's focus.

Track Your Results

After you’ve designed your pay per click ads with landing pages and your campaign has gone live, it is critical that you track everything happening with the campaign so you can figure out what is and is not working.

PPC campaigns are largely trial-and-error efforts; to improve them and the success you achieve, it's essential to track conversions and various other metrics.

Take notice of who is clicking the ads and what they are doing after reaching the landing page to identify advantageous user trends as well as problems that could be costing you sales.

Modify As You Go

Using tracked data, PPC services recommend modifying as you go to improve the campaign and garner better results each time.

Do research again and change keywords as necessary, modify ad copy, and do other experiments to find an effective combination that yields increased sales.

Build A Great Ad Program First!

Paid search advertising is a great marketing strategy that can help any small business succeed online.

If you want your pay per click campaign to actually bring in sales, it’s critical that you work with experienced PPC services that can help you design one that will get positive results.

A well-developed PPC campaign will generate conversions and help your business achieve its sales goals!

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