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Over the last year or so, online marketing has seen the rise of the Accelerated Mobile Page (the AMP). Initially, many internet marketing companies balked at creating AMP versions of their websites because of how they affect pagerank.

Fortunately, the recognition of AMPs has improved. These pages even provide some benefits that internet marketing services should observe. You can reap many benefits from AMPs as long as you understand their shortcomings and how to work around them.

AMPs - The Disadvantages

Internet marketing companies who used AMPs when Google first began to promote them a few years ago encountered difficulties that made them reluctant to continue using them. One problem online marketing services still experience is slower URL indexing and the recognition of AMPs by Search Console; however, developers at Google say this is normal. Abrupt changes to a website, such as the addition of AMPs, can take anywhere between a few days to a week to be noticed.

Many internet marketing firms found that their AMPs were not initially located in the SERPs. Because of the reduced infrastructure these stripped-down versions of more detailed webpages offer that decrease the use of features, online marketing firms may seriously question the use of AMPs.

Fortunately, Google has implemented expanded AMP service that is helping these pages find their way into the regular search results by sending traffic directly to these pages, which can be identified by a lightning bolt icon in the link.

AMPs - The Advantages

On the brighter side, Internet marketing companies who decide to use AMPs can expect a number of advantages that may outweigh any disadvantages:

  • Faster Page Loading - AMPs load anywhere from 15 to 80% faster by stripping out much of the heavy code that slows regular pages. Every marketer understands the significant benefits of faster loading pages, especially on mobile devices.
  • More Page and Ad Views - Now that AMPs are better recognized in the SERPs, these faster-loading pages are producing more traffic and ad views than standard versions. Users are less likely to abandon pages due to slow load time, with user engagement increasing as a result. Internet marketing firms see many advantages from this increase in traffic and ad views.
  • Greater Ad Control - With the introduction of AMPs, Google has partnered with a number of advertising platforms to give marketers greater control over ad platforms and servers, formats, and placement. This is a great improvement over what was initially possible with AMPs.
  • Improved Search Ranking - Most importantly, Google is now treating AMPs in the same way as mobile-friendly pages, giving them preference in the SERPs over webpages that are not “mobile-friendly.” This is an instant boost in pagerank for AMPs.

Working with AMPs does require internet marketing companies to use different techniques. To facilitate this, Google offers extensive resources on the production and implementation of these pages to encourage more online marketing firms to jump on the AMP bandwagon. With negative aspects slowly reducing and advantages growing, internet marketing is can embrace the AMP and reap the rewards as a result!

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