Yes, you read that correctly!

In the very immediate future, Google will be sending out emails to some business customers advising that unless you reply back to opt out, Google is going to "help" you by managing the Ad campaign(s) you have with them.


"Behind the scenes," Google will take over the management of your Ad Campaigns and change things as they see fit with how you have your ad campaigns set up.

Yes, they did say they will not change your budget; however, they could definitely change how your budget is spent!

What About My Current Ad Management Services?

Interestingly enough, Google still places the responsibility for desired results of any ad campaigns in the lap of your managed marketing agency - even if you as the customer didn't pay attention to that "opt out" email and Google proceeded to "optimize" your ad campaign.

So the current manager of your Google Ad Campaigns, such as Marketing Heroes, may find their planned ad campaign structure has been changed without being consulted - because you the customer didn't opt out when you had the chance.

Unlike most opt-in opportunities, this is an out-of-the-ordinary opt-out ultimatum!

Does that sound a bit scary to you? It does to us, too!

What Happens If I Don't Opt Out?

Google can take over the management of your Google ad campaigns!

Here are the areas Google specifically says they may "adjust" without your direct permission because you didn't "opt out" after getting their email:

  • Structure - They may change how your ad groups are structured!

  • Keywords - They may "modify" the keywords you have chosen!

  • Bids - They may "adjust" the bids to be different than what you currently have!

  • Ads - They may "update" your ad itself in text, appearance, timing, and more!

  • Advanced Features - They will set up "new features" and activate them!

  • Timing - All of this will be done when Google thinks it is the right time!

Unless you opt out, Google may do all of the above without consulting with either you or your current Google Ads manager.

An interesting comment has been made that this is one way Google can control the bidding and drive up Cost Per Click costs for all advertisers who participate in Google ads.

Does this forced-to-opt-out strategy seem a bit unreasonable to you?

How Can I Prevent This?

Pay close attention to any emails you receive from Google - and opt out!

In particular, watch for an email that has a big headline that states: "We'll focus on your campaigns, so you can focus on your business."

Then call Marketing Heroes at (979) 314-7067 so we can make sure your Google ad campaigns are managed for your benefit, not by Google for their own benefit!

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