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Getting the best search engine optimization requires extensive knowledge of SEO services and how to plan, implement, then monitor effective marketing campaigns. One little-known detail that every SEO company should understand is crawl budget and why it matters. A good knowledge of crawl budget could enable marketers of larger websites to make the most efficient use of Google’s web bots so they see SEO campaign  results more quickly.

What Is A Crawl Budget?

Every website has a crawl budget, even though most people may not realize what that is. According to Google, crawl budget is a somewhat vague term that describes ideas related to the number of times web bots visit a site and which pages they go to first. This “budget” includes factors related to crawl rate, which is the number of times a page gets visited usually in a month and crawl demand, which is the Google bot’s desire to visit a certain page.

Developers state that while these ideas may be of some importance to very large websites that have a great number of pages, it is not something that SEO services working on smaller sites really need to worry about.

Why Does Crawl Budget Matter?

Crawl budget provides an important way that an SEO company can facilitate the crawling of new or updated web pages. With a countless number of pages being crawled every day by Google’s web bots, SEO services want to bring attention to all those pages that have updated content or newer pages that are added to a site. When pages have a high crawl budget, they are getting more attention from web spiders during a certain period of time, usually because those pages are more desirable for crawling in various ways.

So while a high crawl budget is desirable and a factor that an SEO company should notice, the more important point is how pages get a high crawl rate. Google explicitly states in its updates about the subject that crawl budget does not actually increase SEO; it is what draws the bot to visit and inspect those pages that has such an effect.

Factors that Affect Crawl Rate

Based on Google’s explanations of what crawl budget and what it can and cannot do, SEO services need to focus on what improves that rate and avoid anything that reduces it. Generally speaking, web bots and spiders are attracted by what all marketers already know is the basis of good SEO, namely quality content that is frequently updated, fast loading pages, and anything that helps the bots crawl a website.

Interlinking, sitemaps, and few or no dead end links also improve crawling, as do high-value incoming links from reputable sites. Working against the effort is low quality or duplicate content, soft-error and hacked pages, poor navigational structure, and slow site speed.

Although the crawl budget should be monitored by SEO services, especially on larger websites, it is basically a measure of how much attention a site and certain pages can get from Google’s web spiders. The rate itself is not something that an SEO company can directly influence; yet higher rates are seen by observing the tried and true techniques of creating valuable, easily indexed and crawled websites. To increase crawl rate and see the benefits of improved SEO, marketers should look at the different factors that overall improve site performance!

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