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A new year is right around the corner and online marketing gurus are finalizing advertising plans to start off on a profitable foot. The past year has seen a lot of change and advancement in internet marketing, with more advancement on the horizon. As we welcome in 2017, following are some of the most significant marketing trends to keep an eye on or maybe try out in order to get the best advertising edge.

Artificial Intelligence

Google’s browsers are becoming more intelligent by the day. With the development of RankBrain and other efforts placed on artificially intelligent search engines, internet marketing needs to address these factors by learning how AI searching works to get the best results. Local optimization is becoming more important in successful online marketing as a result of the way in which today’s search engines work. Having a thorough understanding of the user and how they are likely to interact with a website is another helpful tool.

Total Connectivity with the Lot

There are more devices than ever that can connect to the Internet. This means more opportunity to learn how to reach users more efficiently through targeted advertising. There is a lot more to the Internet today than just desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Now there are watches, fitness trackers, home control systems, and even coffee makers that collect data from users and connect online. Online advertising gurus need to take advantage of this data so they can fine tune even the best marketing plans.

Cross Device Advertising

Every year, more people are purchasing items via their phones and tablets. Online marketing for mobile has taken off in this past year, making the need for mobile ads even greater. Internet marketing across devices is now essential in some markets so a company can capture the attention of all users. Planners need to carefully analyze their customer base and target demographics, then include cross device advertising to reach those who have flocked to using mobile devices.

Social Apps and Advertising

This past year was also the year of social media advertising, as newer introductions in social media have taken off. Apps like Snapchat and WhatsApp, and recent Facebook introductions like Facebook Live, are capturing the attention of huge audiences and providing new opportunities for internet marketing.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Even though most businesses already practice some forms of planning for conversion rate optimization, CRO is becoming a recognized element for marketing development. Most companies have established a goal of better analysis of target audiences and improved user experience.  Along with the use of promotions, cross device ads, social media and more, companies can have improved CRO through better and more effective exposure.

Online marketing gurus know that internet marketing trends never sleep. With 2017 on hand, it is time to consider implementing new ideas into the current marketing plans to focus on improved CRO and getting more sales. Based on these current and developing trends, it seems that the focus needs to be on efficiently collecting and using data to better identify target users, then expanding advertising to better reach them!

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