Achieving the best search engine optimization often means something different for every website; however, there are a few basic SEO practices that should be used on every website. Whether hiring SEO expert services, or managing website SEO in-house, following are a few essential aspects that can help ensure every web page is created with the basic qualities need for the best SEO results.

Build Websites Using Basic Optimized Structure

For content to be relevant and easily recognized by web spiders, it is essential for a company offering SEO expert services to build a website using the following basic features of good SEO.

  • Short, Descriptive URLs – Since URLs are the first thing an indexer such as Google sees, it is important to use short and description URLs. They should consistent and follow a pattern, particularly for a site with many pages. Use simple URLs when designing navigation for faster crawling.

  • Good Page Titles and Heading Tags – After analyzing URLs, the next things seen by indexers see, and in search results, are page titles and descriptions tags. Choosing a page title that is shorter than 60 characters and optimized with the targeted keyword lets indexers more easily categorize a page and gives searchers a good idea of page content.

  • Understand HTTPS and How to Use It – As internet security issues continue to grow, Google now encourages using HTTPS protocol over HTTP. HTTPS is usable with a website that is encrypted and hack-proof. It is also another thing Google is considering adding to the many factors used in determining the best SEO and page rank.

  • Build Site for the Best Speed – A website should always be optimized for the fastest loading speed, using the things referenced above. Only optimized, fast-loading content should be used to prevent a slow-loading website.

  • Be Mobile Friendly – Having a mobile-friendly website is more important than ever, especially since Google now penalizes a site without this capability. When creating a website, ensuring it is mobile-friendly from the ground up is a a requirement for the best search engine optimization.

Create Optimized Content that Helps Google

After creating a good website foundation, the best SEO also depends on the use of well-optimized content that is based on what Google is wants on a website. Following are some suggestions:

  • Use One Main Keyword or Topic Per Page – When pages are indexed in response to search queries, Google interprets which topic is most important on that page and its relevance to search. Pages including more than one topic or main keyword slow indexing, also increasing chances a page is not what the searcher is actually looking for, reducing its optimization.

  • Use Keyword Variations for Organic Search – Organic use of keywords in content, which facilitates organic search queries, is something Google now encourages. This is achieved by using variations of a single, main keyword in correct form, rather than forcing content to include single keywords in one form.

  • Attract Organic Links – There are many strategies for growing strong, relevant inbound links; content must always be created with the idea of attracting such links. This means high-quality content that people want to read.

  • Optimize Alt Text – Never pass up a chance to optimize page elements like images or video. Optimize alt text with main keywords to provide indexers more ways to notice content.

Although obtaining the best SEO for any website requires using individual techniques that work for that specific site, starting with the basics information referenced above. Companies who offer SEO expert services understand these simple, yet important steps, then tailor their SEO methods to fit each website to achieve the best search engine optimization!

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