Google’s featured snippet or answer box is a more recent appearance in the SERPs and has become a prize coveted by SEO specialists since its introduction.

Appearing on top of the normal SERP list of page links in what has become known as Position 0, this snippet offers many free benefits to the SEO expert services that can capture this position.

What must you do to be able to claim the featured snippet?

Follow these SEO help tips based on what is known about the featured snippet and how some marketers are finding success in capturing it.

1. Produce High-Quality Content

Like so much else in the world of SEO help, the basis that allows SEO specialists claim the featured snippet is one of high-quality content.

Your content must be relevant, correct, engaging, optimized, as well as focused on and understandable by your specific audience.

Website content must offer value that is recognized both by the reader and by the search algorithm.

2. Know the Questions Users Are Asking

Featured snippets are all about answering user questions.

So it is vital that SEO expert services understand the audience.

What are users looking for and what are their problems? Equally important, how are your readers likely to ask for this information?

The search algorithm has been increasingly programmed to think like its users and understand conversational queries.

Content must be optimized based on user intent and understanding queries in question format that include how, what, when, and why phrases.

3. Generate Content to Specifically Answer Those Questions

The second critical part of optimization based on user questions is creating content that specifically answers the how, what, when, and why questions.

According to Google developers, unless content specifically addresses a question that a user is likely to ask, there is little chance it will capture the featured spot.

SEO specialists must know what questions their users are asking and tailor content into an answer format.

4. Provide the Best Answer

Naturally, Google looks for content that provides the best answer to a user’s question when populating the featured snippet.

The best answers provide correct, detailed information that is audience focused, step-by-step facts or instructions, visual content such as images and videos, effective use of keywords, and other optimization factors that offer value to the reader.

SEO expert services find that the pages most valuable from an SEO standpoint and formatted with the featured snippet in mind are most likely to claim it.

5. Add A Q&A Page

A Q&A page on your website serves readers and is great SEO help to occupy the featured snippet because of that content.

A list of questions that readers ask followed by correct and concise answers is likely to see high traffic and be valuable to your readers.

Q&A pages satisfy many requirements that the algorithm searches for when seeking content to populate the featured snippet.

Truefully, there is no one method that can guarantee you will capture the featured snippet spot since even the best SEO specialists are still learning about it.

What SEO expert services do know is that if you begin with the above SEO help tips and have high quality content that can answer user questions, your chances of getting that coveted spot rise significantly.

Making the effort to capture the featured snippet is definitely worth attempting because of the number of benefits doing so can bring!

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