For some time now, responsive web design has been taking over web design, primarily because of the many benefits this type of structure adds to a website. Most importantly, responsive design is the best answer to the need for two different types of websites: a standard one and a mobile one wrapped up in one neat package. The benefits of using this type of web design have always been known, since the very makeup of responsive design was created to help a website achieve the best SEO results; however, these advantages were never as important as they will be on April 21, 2015. With Google’s upcoming algorithm changes in April, responsive design will be a necessity to obtain the best search engine optimization for a website.

Responsive Design Makes Google Spiders Happy

Above all else, providing the Google spiders with link juice is the main reason why website owners must upgrade to responsive web design. Google has favored responsive design since its inception because it allows for a more seamless, positive use on mobile platforms – soon it will no longer be a request but a demand. Once the most recent algorithm update goes into effect on April 21, 2015, Google’s indexers will rank mobile-friendly websites more than non-mobile one – and some of the best SEO consultants including Marketing Heroes agree that the loss of optimization and page rank to non-mobile websites will be substantial.

Google has openly stated that search engines will favor websites that provide an optimal mobile experience, which will in essence create a penalty to those that do not. Since the basis of all mobile websites and apps is with responsive web design, it would be negligent for anyone to bypass adopting an updated, responsive layout. A desktop website matters less in today’s world, as mobile design is most important; so for the best SEO results, it is becoming a necessity to handle both issues with good responsive web design.

Responsive Design Provides A Better User Experience

Whether desktop or mobile, a responsive website is easier to use in many ways, which equates to a more positive user experience. These sites are generally based on a minimalist design that allows site owners to provide necessary information in clean, easier, and more simple navigation. A responsive site is much lighter in web code, meaning it loads faster – which is an important necessity to reduce bounce-backs, especially for a mobile site. Responsive site that adjusts to fit the viewing device also eliminates the need for horizontal scrolling as well as other annoying effects that occur when opening a standard web page on a mobile device. The end result is more pleasing, holds traffic longer, and helps to gain the best search engine optimization.

Responsive Design Prevents Websites From Competing With Themselves

A substantial consideration in support of a responsive layout, other than the mobile-ready issue, is how this design method eliminates duplicate content and strengthens existing links and URLs. When it was more common have a standard website for desktop and a mobile one for mobile device, such duplication of content and links caused website versions to complete against each other for optimal SEO-induced page ranking. With just one website to handle all viewing platform needs, that website is accessible everywhere, leaving just one website to be indexed and benefit from all SEO efforts. In addition, with every page having its own unique URL, there is no link dilution and each page is more easily optimized.

Every current website should be responsive, as standard fixed-width or even variable-width design has officially gone the way of the dinosaur. Google has given everyone some time to accept and understand such ideas and embrace a better site construction method – and the time is imminent to make the change if it has not already been done. Remaining competitive, and achieving the best SEO results, now depends on it!

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