With Google’s recent announcement that on April 21 their search algorithms will change to favor mobile-friendly websites even more, even the best SEO company in College Station Texas is taking a long, hard look at all websites to determine if they pass that test. Dubbed “mobilegeddon” by the web community, these changes are expected to penalize websites that are not mobile-friendly, causing them to suffer a possibly large loss of optimization effort and ranking in the search engine ranking results.

Survival is going to depend on websites utilizing the best SEO consultants to get on Google’s mobile-friendly side of things right away. To retain a good, first-page ranking, website owners must prepare now to avoid being affected by this substantial change when it occurs.

What Is The Best Tactic for Surviving Mobilegeddon?

Drum roll here – have a mobile-friendly website! OK, that may sound simple; however, believe it or not there are still many good-looking, expensive-looking websites that have refused to accept the fact that a mobile-capable website is a necessity if they want to retain current ranking. A mobile-friendly website providing the best user experience is the #1 priority at this point in time, and Google intends to make that point by promoting mobile websites ahead of non-mobile sites. Acting now without losing any hard-won page rank is the only website defense – but time is running out. Once the new algorithm launches, many websites will lose ground to other lower-ranking ones that are mobile-friendly.

Mobile-Responsive or Mobile-Dedicated?

Each is somewhat different, but site owners should work with SEO expert services to decide which one is more beneficial. Mobile-responsive websites are those built with a fluid layout that will convert based on the accessing device. It initially involves more work to ensure a smooth website transition with all functionality present both ways; upkeep is much less difficult.

On the other hand, a mobile-dedicated website is easier to set up, as it is made specifically for mobile accession. Upkeep is doubled, as the same content must be managed twice. Getting the best SEO across two websites can be a bit more challenging, If the mobile site is actually an app, it will be able to gain the boost of Google’s Mobile-Friendly seal. If a redesign to a mobile app is being considered, Google has also expressed that mobile apps will be indexed and favorably ranked as well.

Test – And Test – And Test Your Mobile-Friendly Website

Time is everything right now – so don’t fall into the trap of thinking any mobile-friendly layout is going to function well. Test mobile sites to ensure they work as planned and provide an outstanding mobile user experience. Ranking requires a working mobile-friendly website, so test, test, and test again until the website works just as well on mobile devices as it does on desktops. Naturally, it may take a little time; however, it should be possible to follow a website’s analytics to see what it is actually happening.

The writing is on the wall – Mobilegeddon is just around the corner. Now is the time to start working with the best SEO company in College Station to have your website mobile-friendly before D-Day arrives. Whether using mobile-responsive design or an app, be sure to appease the Google Gods and retain your website’s ranking by providing user-friendly, mobile website access today!

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