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Facebook has become one of the most important tools that social media marketing services now have at their fingertips to generate great results for clients. One of the most popular websites in existence, it offers the chance to easily reach the largest audience, making it a highly effective marketing option when used correctly. To get the best results from Facebook, social media consulting firms need only avoid these common errors and watch the leads start coming in.

  • Don’t Use the Wrong Page - The most important step when starting with Facebook is to always use the right page type. Private users can create user profiles. Profiles limit a person to 5,000 friends or followers and have a number of other limitations. Businesses should create a business page, which allows unlimited followers and includes many advantages like built-in tools to track engagement and more. Don’t worry, though - social media marketing services can easily turn a profile into a page to make  use of all advantages.
  • Don’t Copy the Competition - Uniqueness is important when setting up Facebook pages and engaging with followers. People want to spend their time on something new, not just a knock-off of what another company is already doing. Pages require a fresh layout that clearly identifies the brand and offers great content specifically marketed to target audiences. Social media consulting firms must avoid blending in with the rest by making each business page as unique as possible.
  • Don’t Ignore the Page - To stay relevant on Facebook, it’s essential to keep the page regularly updated with a good variety of high-quality, relevant content. Just having a page means nothing if it is not used to keep posts flowing down user feeds where the company can be noticed. Create a posting strategy based on what target audiences want and need, then keep the content flowing on time to increase engagement and follows.
  • Don’t Forget About User Engagement - Once those posts begin engaging audiences, be sure to engage back with them. Failure to respond to comments and basically ignoring followers is just as bad as not posting enough. Social media marketing services can easily build brand recognition and trust by acknowledging followers and engaging with them. Answer comments, post engaging content, and encourage followers to interact by always interacting back.
  • Don’t Forget Good Planning - Getting great results with Facebook requires good planning. Even with engagement, these pages do not generate views, shares, and leads on their own. Social media consulting companies must create a marketing plan that outlines goals for the page as well as the methods that will be used to achieve those goals. Monitor results and use those numbers to modify marketing plans to make them more effective.  
  • Don’t Share the Wrong Content - Sharing a variety of content is recommended, but make sure it is valuable content worth the reader’s time. In other words, don’t just share to increase shares. Make every post count. Give readers thoughtful information that they will be more likely to read, share, and engage with to generate positive lasting impressions.

Facebook can become every social media consulting expert’s best friend as long as it is used in the right ways. By frequently posting informative and valuable content, engaging with followers, and creating a unique site, companies can expand their reach exponentially. Social media marketing services that can generate effective plans for Facebook pages will see the best results!

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