One thing is certain about the internet – SEO is constantly evolving. Google consistently releases updated search algorithms to combat cheaters and spammers. As a result, website optimization must also be updated. It is essential that website owners understand what search engine optimization actually does in order see the most positive website results. It is by far the best way to stay current as Google attempts to outsmart and get rid of bad websites from the SERP’s.

Definition of SEO

Because the methods for achieving good optimization have drastically changed over the past few years, the definition of SEO itself has also changed. The simplest definition of search engine optimization is ‘the process of affecting the visibility of a website…in a search engine’s ‘natural’ or unpaid (‘organic’) search results” according to Wikipedia. SEO is the strategic building of websites with high quality content searched for by readers that also conforms to certain technical requirements for easy searching. It is the process by which content is created and posted in accordance with Google’s algorithm preferences so that readers can find desired content quickly.

How SEO Has Changed

The change between SEO of the past and today is that Google now demands content worth reading before it will receive any search engine attention. Gone are the days when almost any type of content was acceptable on a website.

Web pages are remotely analyzed and every visitor to the website sends a statistical message back to Google about how they got there, how long they stayed, and what they did. Through these newer, more complicated ways to determine if a website has useful content, it has become increasingly futile to try manipulating the algorithms. It is much more effective to create good content than to try and trick the system.

Current Effective SEO

Achieving high page rank from optimizing a website for search engines requires good planning and maintenance – but it is not as difficult as seems. There are fewer individual elements to mange, while those that remain are more important than before. Following are some aspects that help create good search engine optimization:

  • Content – Create original content that people want to read and share.
  • Titles – Use skillfully worded, optimized titles for successful searches.
  • Relevancy – Offer relevant, authoritative content that stays on topic.
  • Media – Include high quality, tagged media and images.
  • Links – Gain recognition from trusted websites via high quality inbound links and good marketing.
  • Social Media – Update content frequently and distribute via social media.
  • Interactivity – Engage readers through comments and other types of audience inclusion.

Using these methods allow a company to build a high quality website that is competitive, attention-getting, and better ranked so more people can find it.

The likelihood of more significant changes to Google’s search algorithms is a given, so the possibility of search engine optimization changing again is always possible. When a website is based on solid, quality content while adhering to algorithm preferences, the requirements are not likely to change significantly. As long as there is good content, the rest should fall into place and continue even through any Google changes!

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