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Social media marketing with Facebook ads has become another essential way to generate new business and retarget based on previous interest. By using dynamic product ads, social media services can readily promote products across multiple devices. These ads also retarget users who have previously shown interest anywhere on a company’s various online websites or advertisements. DPAs offer companies who advertise on Facebook a number of important benefits.

What Are Facebook DPAs?

Facebook Dynamic product ads are promotions on Facebook that retarget users from across the web. They appear to users who have previously engaged a company’s website or mobile site, showing them relevant products. These ads may appear on Facebook alone, or on Facebook and Instagram. DPAs are very successful in reaching the appropriate targeted and retargeted audiences, in a captive setting, when the user logs into their Facebook account. Depending on the demographics of the target audience, DPAs can be a good marketing tool for those who use social media services to benefit from their retargeting efforts.

Benefits of Using Facebook DPAs

Facebook has become an important platform for successful social media marketing over recent years, making it a great option for all types of advertising. Dynamic product ads that show items from online product catalogs can be beneficial in a number of ways, such as:

  • Easy to Configure - One of the best parts about advertising on Facebook is the ease with which ads can be set up by social media services. By using DPAs, it is possible to quickly set up a main ad that will show relevant products to users when they login to Facebook without having to manage multiple advertising accounts that function on various devices.
  • Audience Filters - Facebook ads allow a company to create custom audience filters that include retargeting criteria. Anyone who has previously interacted with a company’s website can be added to this filter, not just those who have engaged with the Facebook page.
  • Affordable and Effective Advertising - With so many ways to control target audience filtering, DPAs on Facebook show the right products to the right users, improving ad effectiveness. This form of advertising on such a popular platform can increase conversions by reducing abandoned shopping carts and promoting reorders and the sale of related products.
  • Retargeting Across Multiple Devices - Most importantly, DPAs allow social media marketing efforts to reach audiences across multiple devices at once, basically anywhere a user can login to Facebook. Once logged in, users will see ads relevant to their history with a brand, increasing the chance of a sale.

Retargeted advertising is not a new idea in online marketing; however, the ability to combine it with Facebook advertising has proven to be quite advantageous. As social media marketing has grown to be a productive means of generating sales, retargeting within Facebook can take these ads to the next level. Dynamic product ads take the power of retargeting and put it in the hands of social media services on one of the most popular and widely used social platforms available today!

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