Every year, more and more people are accessing the internet via mobile phone or tablet than laptop or desktop computer. As mobile internet use surpasses more traditional access venues, website owners must accept this and change as necessary to stay competitive with the best search engine optimization in College Station Texas. The most important change that can be made with a website is converting it to responsive website design.

Responsive Website Design – Some Statistics

Over half of all local internet searches in the United States are done on the go, using a mobile device. Additionally, one in four internet users rely on a mobile device as their only way to access the web – and that number is growing daily. To have the best search engine optimization results that attracts users, a business must be accessible via mobile devices with a mobile-friendly design. When this is not done, a company will lose their audience and business as a result.

Why Responsive Web Design is Essential

Following are three reasons why a company doing business on the internet needs a responsive website for optimal College Station TX search engine optimization;

  • Ease of Use – A responsive website is easy to use because it is simple and adjustable. Planning is done in advance, and regardless of the device used or screen size, the user gets a streamlined, optimized site that is user-friendly. This versatility is what makes a responsive website great and makes it possible to retain customers rather than lose them to other, easier-to-use websites.

  • One URL – Before responsive design, websites competed with each other for traffic and search engine optimization sometimes with two websites, one of them just for mobile usage. Having a mobile-only website created as many problems as it fixed. With responsive design, one website and one URL meets all needs and all users access the same site, regardless of the accessing device.

  • SEO – Based on the two points above, responsive design allows a website to obtain the best search engine optimization in College Station Texas by not losing visitors due to poor function or not losing traffic with competing URLs. Responsive sites gain both traffic and better page rank, helping to build a good reputation and customer appeal because the site is available and useable anywhere.

Embracing Change With Responsive Design

As web design technology continues and responsive design is improved, more sites are benefiting by switching to this new technology. Despite a rough start that often required a new website, the efficiency of responsive design has now become apparent – and websites are switching over.

Google has embraced responsive websites; most of their best search engine optimization in College Station TX recommendations apply to responsive design. With the frequency in which Google’s search algorithms change, a website owner must embrace advancing technology to keep up.

Responsive website design is fast becoming normal; everything else is thought of as outdated. Gaining better search engine optimization results depends on it. Letting go of the fixed or fluid width website design requires adjustment and acclimation by companies; however, their users will thank them with higher conversion rates!

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