Most SEOs understand that today, social media is one of their most valuable marketing tools for increasing SEO. Facebook and Twitter have become the leaders in social media marketing for businesses; however, what many may not realize is that Pinterest can be just as beneficial. Social media marketing services using Pinterest have to date experienced great results from the site, making it a third of what can be considered the Big 3 of social media websites for marketing.

Pinterest - More Than Just Hobbies

Although Pinterest began as a website for sharing craft, hobby, and decorating ideas, the site quickly became one of the most popular social networks. It also moved from being mostly a hobby interest site to being one where people are pinning and sharing just about anything. Why? Because the site is attractive, easy to navigate, and full of the ideas that people are searching for, with posts quickly going viral on Pinterest. Now that Pinterest is catering to businesses so they can target posts to certain audiences, it has become a valuable site for marketing, too.

How Pinterest Helps Businesses

Pinterest for Business is a great way for any company to increase their exposure, create more interest, and gain more followers, all of which can result in more sales. Through the creation of interest boards and targeted paid advertising, companies can use this form of social media marketing to be seen by those most likely to show interest and become customers. Many businesses using Pinterest are even finding they get much greater results than on any other social media site.

Here are a few of the important ways that Pinterest can help local businesses get the most out of their social media marketing services with ads on Pinterest:

  • Generate More Interest - Pinterest is about interests and providing information. This is one of the main benefits that businesses gain over just advertising on other social media sites: an easy-to-view means of providing interesting content for viewers that can be read, followed, shared, and spread.
  • Target Interested Audiences - By creating keyword-friendly, optimized boards and posts targeted to certain audiences using Pinterest’s business pin creation tools, companies can ensure that their pins show up when people search locally, or for specific topics. There are a number of ways that advertising and pinning can be optimized for best results on Pinterest.  Getting informative posts in front of the right viewers has never been easier on any social media website.
  • Feature-Full, Rich Pins - Another benefit that business account owners have is what Pinterest calls their “Rich Pins,” which are pins that contain more information and larger images than standard pins. In providing more information right in the pin itself, companies benefit by drawing in actually interested followers. Rich pins can include price information, direct website links, maps, and more as Pinterest is continually developing and expanding its Rich Pin features.
  • Analytics and Business Tools - To help business owners track the success of their pins, Pinterest now includes pin analytics and a number of other business tools. Although pinning for businesses is a fairly new endeavor of the website, they continue to improve their analytics.  It has been said that they are releasing more business tools to help social media marketers pin most effectively, and get the best results from their use of Pinterest.

Pinterest is a relatively new player in the realm of social media marketing websites; however, it is quickly becoming a serious player at that. Not unlike how the site’s popularity grew with users, Pinterest is becoming another essential tool on which social media marketing services rely. When looking to get exposure among specific and local targeted audiences, SEOs should definitely include Pinterest in their marketing efforts!

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