The best SEO companies understand just how valuable links are in obtaining great SEO. One especially important thing to understand about links is there is more to building them than just good inbound links. Internal links within a website also play an important part in creating effective SEO. When looking for the best SEO company, be sure to find a service that understands the nature of internal links, and how they should be used appropriately to achieve great website optimization.

What Are Internal Website Links?

As the name implies, internal links on a website are those that link from page to page, rather than incoming links from other websites that link to another page, or outgoing links from the website to another page. All three of these types of links hold different value in SEO, with quality inbound links being the most valuable. Yet internal links are extremely important in their own ways, too. Technically, navigational menus and links from a homepage to an information page are internal links, but the ones that are the most valuable are those within content, that link from one text anchor to another page that relates to that text.

What Value Do Internal Links Hold?

Internal links actually hold much greater value than many people may realize, and do a number of important things regarding website use and improving SEO:

  • Internal links provide one more way for a webpage to be indexed based on importance and relevance, in addition to navigational menus, breadcrumbs, and sitemaps.
  • Internal links indicate that the page being linked to has importance on a website, and provides easier ways for that information to be viewed.
  • Internal links can helps sites rank for certain keywords when strategically linked to informative pages.
  • Links within a site that move viewers to further reading keep users on the website longer, and offer them more of the information they came for. This improves user experience on the site, and helps Google find more value in it, as well.

Any website wishing to improve their common avenues of SEO via indexing, page relevance and importance, and positive user experience can do this by using internal website links.

Important Techniques for Effective Internal Links

To get the most from internal links on a website, a good SEO company knows they must choose anchor text, and what they link to, wisely. Making reference to the most important pages on a website, within other content, provides a great place to link from, and one that gets users to that important information more conveniently. It is crucial for these links to appear as naturally occurring text within content, and generate from well-researched keywords. Always link to content that seems most relevant on the website and is already generating good pagerank.

Be sure the links are ones that users will most likely click on for additional information. Link to the same pages from multiple other pages using varying anchor text. Similarly, use multiple links per page of content to lead users through the site based on the information that is presented. Additionally, link to pages that contain useful information but might otherwise be harder to find, as a way of getting them indexed faster, and getting the information to the user.

As with all other methods of generating SEO, internal linking requires fine-tuning over time. The SEO company will need to monitor site performance, and which keywords and key phrases get the best results with which pages, but the benefits an be significant. For assistance in determining how to choose the best anchor text, which pages should be internally linked, and other important ideas about effectively using internal linking, contact a good SEO company to learn more!

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