One of the challenges a website manager faces when attempting to keep up with multiple locations for the same business is getting each location to rank in its local market’s Search Engine Ranking Reports or SERPs while still ranking the business as a whole. This can be difficult if each location has its own website. It may create a situation where the local sites compete against other local businesses for the best SEO in College Station and end up competing with the main company website for exposure as well. Thankfully, some things can be done to combat such problems and allow local entities as well as the main website to prosper.

Sub-Domains and Local Pages

Rather than creating a situation where a company competes with both the main company website and its own separate website to get traffic to the local websites, the use of sub-domains is much more efficient. Sub-domains direct all queries to a primary company website, boosting the ranking of the main website faster than any of the local sites could rank.

Users can be directed to the main website and then easily find a link to the local branch’s website to obtain certain specific information that is wanted. It creates a “win-win” situation for both the primary company website and its local branches. All locations end up with the best SEO possible in College Station that is part of the enhancement of the principal website to quickly climb to the top of the SERP’s.

Local Business Directories

Some companies and website users like local business directories – others do not. When taking advantage of these free listings, a business has some control over what a consumer will find when accessing that particular directory. It does offer control over the website links that are part of a local SEO plan. Inaccurate directory listings not ‘owned’ by a local business can actually work against otherwise good College Station SEO efforts, even if basic information is there because someone else put it there.

Structured Data Consistency

Following is information regarding Name-Address-Phone Number or NAP and other structured data that helps create the best SEO results in College StationTexas:

  • NAP – This acronym stands for “Name, Address and Phone Number.” It should be documented consistently across the internet for all locations so the results are consistent, matching the primary website and sub-domain pages. This can be done by developing a standard, accepted NAP per location, ‘owning’ local directory listings, and being sure through data normalization that anywhere a company’s location is documented, the information appears in a standard, accepted manner.

  • Other Structured Data – This is information that appears in the same way over and over again, creating a recognizable information “tag.” It is also becoming an important way of weeding through the internet and getting to the SERP’s faster. By using schema (specific words and data known to appear in succession or certain instances) within the web code of a page, this new method is helping websites gain attention based on the “snippets” that are embedded, whether it’s a word, name or address.

In today’s internet world, collaboration throughout an entire company’s locations and individual websites is essential in order to achieve excellent SEO results in local markets. Through standardization of data, new technology, and skillful usage of a main brand name’s power to propel local branch domains to the public, a company can increase search engine optimization globally and locally, right where it is the most important!

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