Paying to advertise for SEO purposes can be expensive, especially if it doesn’t accomplish what it should. Facebook advertising is very popular today as a means to gain the best search engine optimization. There are two different types of ads that business owners should know and understand. Companies who provide SEO expert services and are experienced with Facebook advertising can help achieve top-notch results by focusing client ads on two aspects: finding new audiences and retargeting existing ones.

Create An Audience

The purpose of every SEO ad campaign is to find customers, although it is important to remember that people don’t buy on Facebook. Ads on Facebook must direct people to websites where actual products and information can be found. Ads should be run in different campaigns that target local audiences and customers, based on varying demographics. Since audiences are broader, business ads must state all benefits of the products, reasons to purchase, and how a product can help the members of that targeted audience. Advertising on Facebook also tends to bring more users who are actually interested in the product, who are then linked to a landing page that offers some information and/or something free before connecting users to the main website.

Retarget An Existing Audience

The important second part of any Facebook advertising campaign designed to get top SEO results is that not too many companies are not using retargeting. Retargeting introduces new ads to audiences that have already interacted with a website as an attempt to keep them interested enough to return to the website. Most efficient retargeting that achieves the best SEO with Facebook ads requires using a different, custom URL so that it is easily traceable as well as a conversion pixel added while setting up the ad.

As a means to create custom audiences to achieve effective search engine marketing results, targeting can be done to reach those people who have already interacted with the website by creating specific ads just for them to see. This audience can be retargeted many times with different campaigns as a way to regenerate interest while general ads continue to filter more into the retargeting groups.

Combine Techniques for Effective Facebook Ad Campaigns

Combining the above two techniques can be the best way for an experienced SEO company to generate leads by first creating interest with ads targeted to specific audiences, and then keeping them interested by retargeting. Locally, retargeting cannot succeed without the first, more general ad campaigns to generate initial conversions. Once customers convert, they are easier to keep interested when served with useful, targeted ads.

This technique is not really so different from any other web advertising. This important fact that the best SEO consultants point out is that Facebook ads must bring users to a brand’s website, and just to their Facebook page. Any interested parties will follow the path from Facebook to the website once they have been first engaged by ads on the website; getting people to the actual website the first and additional times is the key.

By developing a good method of generating SEO leads through general Facebook ads, then complementing them with retargeting aimed at holding onto previous conversions, can allow businesses to experience the best SEO for their advertising dollar. SEO expert services from an experienced SEO company will build effective campaigns that continue to circulate new leads, and replenish retargeting campaigns to build website clientele!

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