With 2016 around the corner, now is an important time for SEO companies to reflect on the past year, and prepare to look ahead for what SEO is likely to bring in the year to come. Most of the ideas that have brought success in 2015 will still be relevant in the coming year, but Google has given some hints of change here and there. With this in mind, following are some ideas that expert SEO designers are finding help in achieving the best SEO, and that companies striving for the best SEO will want to keep an eye on. Although in general, SEO may seem complex at times, these ideas about what to expect in 2016 present a more common sense look at SEO - and it’s about time!

Content Remains King

The fact that content is still king is probably no big surprise to anyone. As it stands, Google has continued to reward for content driven traffic, with continued changes that support this. Therefore, assuming the importance of content will remain in 2016 and beyond, is a good bet. Basically, websites should deliver the best possible content and attract viewers as their content generates trust, authority, and website value.

User-Created Content Is Attracting Attention

Websites that produce content created by informed experts have been generating great SEO, as this is content other users find to be particularly valuable. Educated consumers that help inform the public are viewed very highly by some - enough so that it can increase web traffic and add site value. Watch for this increasing trend, and consider ways to include this sort of "co-created" social content.

UX Improves SEO

Another trend that has been noticed in recent months, is the way Google has been rewarding websites that offer better user experience (UX), and seem to provide more of what the user is looking for. By measuring things like how many pages on a site are viewed, dwell time on a page, and bounce rates, Google is able to determine that a page contains quality, user friendliness, good information, proper navigation, and many other aspects - which is improving optimization for those that include this. Part of this emphasis on UX includes mobile-friendly design as well, since mobile use continues to increase - making access on mobile devices a high priority for Google.

Focus by Age Group Will Shift

2016 marks the downhill road into a new century, which also means marketing groups are aging as well. Companies who are marketing to specific age groups should begin to re-evaluate their target audience and revamp their marketing efforts to either stay in touch with their current group, or appeal to the next age group behind them. As users age, so do their tastes and preferences, and SEO needs to account for this.

Wearable Technology on the Rise

Wearables like watches, bracelets, fitness bands and more are on the rise, with more products emerging almost every day. While these gadgets are made to handle only the basics right now - like passwords, email, phone calls, and some dedicated apps, the thought is that 2016 may introduce some wearables that do more, including surf the web. The importance is these gadgets produce data, which will affect SEO by giving marketers even more data to focus their efforts on.

Along with these ideas, many SEO experts expect improvements in analytics tools from Google and other sources, which will make monitoring these new trends easier. The bottom line seems to be that SEO is becoming more common sense based, as Google’s search engines are rewarding more and more for common sense site quality. With these fairly simple ideas, and by watching for other new trends, common sense SEO seems to be the "go to" for obtaining the best SEO in the upcoming year!

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