This year, Google expanded its ad muting feature to the point where all users now have the ability to mute ads they no longer want to see on their page.

As repeat advertising is the main tool that retargeting services use to get through to their most promising audience, retargeting campaign management has become increasingly challenging due to this feature.

So what can dynamic retargeting advertising services do to keep their ads visible and keep getting desired results for their clients?

Retargeting ads need to be more focused in ways that will prevent users from muting them.

Understand the Methods Used for Effective Retargeting

To begin rethinking retargeting campaign management, it’s essential to first understand the different inclusions in this type of advertising.

Retargeting is typically done not only with ads for search but also display ads, auto-generated emails that respond to user actions, and contextual retargeting that markets based on interest and search similarities.

Using a variety of these methods, dynamic retargeting advertising services can create the most effective campaigns that filter the key audiences that are most likely to convert after having interacted with a brand’s website.

Variety and being in the right place at the right time is an important part of achieving success using retargeting.

Are You Oversaturating Your Users with Advertising?

Although there are multiple ways that retargeting services can reach prime audiences that are most ready to buy, it’s also easy to oversaturate them with ads.

The use of ad blockers and the Mute This Ad feature have exploded in recent times, mostly due to the same ads being repeated too often.

How To Avoid Retargeting Ad Oversaturation

So, while it’s important that retargeting advertising reach those same users again in the hopes of converting them, it’s also essential not to do it so much that they mute:

  • Use a burn pixel script that untags specific users such as those who have recently completed a purchase. They can be retargeted in the future in other ways rather than with the same retargeting search ads.
  • Lower ad frequency caps and eliminate filter overlapping so the same users are not showing up in multiple ad campaigns.
  • Email campaigns are useful as a way to reach people while being able to reduce the number of ads that appear on a user’s page.
  • Remember that retargeting campaigns work across devices. Avoid showing too many ads when users switch devices.

Create High Quality, Personalized Content

Beyond taking steps to avoid oversaturation, good retargeting campaign management should focus on providing personal, quality content to each individually targeted user.

Ad effectiveness at this stage of the marketing process needs to be relevant to what the user is seeking and offer them content that they want to see.

Ads should be engaging, clever, offer the solutions to user concerns that had them searching in the first place, and entice with deals and promotions.

As challenging as marketing is in general, retargeting services really do have their work cut out for them now with Google’s Mute This Ad function fully released.

To reduce the chance of being muted and maintain conversion levels, dynamic retargeting advertising services have to create the most unique and personalized advertising to stay relevant.

If they can show target audiences good relevant content at the right time and find the right balance for how often to put ads in front of them, it’s still possible to convert without users hitting the mute button!

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