There are many steps to managing your company’s social media so it works as the important marketing tool that it is.

Unfortunately, most business social media is poorly organized and lacks essential management, preventing companies from benefiting as they could from social media marketing.

Whether you’re working with an agency or doing it yourself, good social media management within your organization is essential.

Get great results from your marketing campaigns with these easy management tips.

1. Create A Campaign Strategy

Every social media marketing campaign starts with a good strategy. Identify campaign goals, monitor metrics, then develop a good management plan to ensure that everyone working on the project stays informed, productive, and efficient.

2. Decide on an Approval Process

Once a marketing strategy has been planned, develop an approval process that incorporates all steps and all those working on the project.

The approval process should identify who will create, approve, and publish content; the guidelines that must be followed in the creation of the content; and plans for handling mistakes and problems along the way.

3. Create A Schedule and Document Deadlines

Using the strategy and approval process as a base for starting out, generate a schedule for all involved in the project to follow.

Project schedules should include deadlines for each step along the way, content creation deadlines, approval need-by dates, and timeframes for content creation, proofreading, and approval.

Spell out everything and document it so there is no question about what people should be working on, how long it should take them, and when their work is due to prevent backups and missed deadlines.

4. Plan and Create Content

Starting with the campaign strategy as a base, plan the type and amount of content needed for the project as well as content expectations in terms of style, voice, format, layout, and more.

Create all content to meet these expectations and pass it on for proofreading within the scheduled time frame that leaves enough time for editing and corrections.

5. Implement A Q/A Process

Your social media management approval process should include a Q/A step after creation and before final approval.

All content should be checked for correctness, format, optimization, controversial content, and more.

Content creators and Q/A must work together to make all necessary corrections and changes during this step.

Once content has passed the Q/A process, it should be passed on for final approval.

6. Publish and Monitor Content

After final approval, content can be scheduled for publishing, whether done manually or using automation software. Once published, new posts should be first monitored to ensure they present and function correctly, information must then be used to adjust the campaign and management process to ensure optimal success.

7. Facilitate with the Right Tools

From the start, social media marketing projects should be managed using applications and software that will promote communication and productivity while reducing confusion, redundancy, and mistakes.

At the bare minimum, these projects should be managed with a spreadsheet or workflow application to keep all those working on the project informed and in the loop.

Busy companies and agencies managing multiple or ongoing projects may also benefit by using a project management and automation tool like SiteSuperCharger.

The key to successful marketing with social media is having a good process for continually providing quality content to your different social channels.

When there are multiple people involved in the process and many steps along the way, good project management is critical.

All-inclusive portal software like SiteSuperCharger can help you manage your social media marketing campaign from the strategy planning stage all the way to the publishing and analysis stage so nothing is lost along the way!

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