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Blogs are an important platform for distributing valuable information to your customers. They also play an essential role in successful SEO marketing as long as they are kept up-to-date and continually deliver fresh content.

If managing your blog and creating enough content to provide necessary SEO help is difficult, a content calendar could be just what you need. By using a content calendar, you can keep your blog under control, publish content regularly, and gain important SEO benefits.

1. Brainstorm Your Content Ideas First

Even though it seems as if this should be the second step, begin developing your SEO marketing content calendar by first generating a list of content ideas. Make a preliminary list that contains at least 25 to 30 ideas for relevant blog posts that adhere to the topics and goals of your website. These are enough to get you started as you learn how to make and use your SEO content calendar.

To keep this process going, it is essential that you set aside some time every so often to add more ideas to the list. Even if you do not use every concept when actually developing your topics, keep adding new ideas to the list so you have enough to keep content flowing.

2. Determine A Blog Posting Schedule

The next step in creating your SEO help content calendar is figuring out how often you need to post various articles to your blog. You need to choose a frequency that you can easily manage based on how long it takes you to generate fresh and quality topics. Daily posting is best; however, you may not be able to produce articles that quickly. If this is the case, weekly or semi-weekly can also work.

The goal in determining a preset posting schedule for your SEO content calendar is to figure out how often you will be able to post so you can plan your content more effectively. Remember that consistency is just as important as frequency since readers will be looking for your posts at regular intervals.

3. Populate Your Calendar With Content Topics

Once you know how often you need to publish, you can fill in your SEO marketing content calendar with various ideas. This should help you do two things: manage your content creation and editing workflow and ensure that all your content is being distributed on time. An SEO help content calendar will also help you track each different topic along with the type of articles published so you can vary them to make your content more interesting.

Using these 3 simple steps, anyone can create an SEO help content calendar to make managing a blog posting schedule easier. By brainstorming ideas at the beginning and keeping an ongoing list, you can develop an SEO publishing schedule that is only limited in how long it takes to generate fresh content.

With new ideas being constantly added and blog content flowing, your blog can become the important SEO marketing tool that it is meant to be!

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