As the internet becomes increasingly mobile, it is having a drastic effect on things such as website exposure and advertising. Users are going mobile at an astounding rate – and companies want to be a part of this. Getting the best SEO results in College Station Texas on mobile apps has been difficult. Tracking results from advertising, or even getting accurate site analytics, has stumped even Facebook until recently.

Problems With Mobile Advertising

With mobile devices, advertising is even more important since there is more purposeful browsing. Knowing this, it is critical for a company to be seen on mobile platforms; however, mobile advertising itself has been problematic, to say the least.

Because it is difficult to track cookies, which is how many ad applications work, those investing in mobile ads have seen a poor response. The inability to track who is seeing what has made it difficult for even the best webmasters to keep up with good SEO and target the right audiences. This has prevented companies from continuing to invest in mobile advertising and created a backward advertising landscape where more people use mobile devices than standard computers, yet more advertising is designed for computers.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook is interested in profits, just like any other company. When they realized their ad revenue was dropping on mobile ad sales, they wanted to know why. What research determined was that advertising revenue has continued to drop because advertisers don’t feel they are getting their money’s worth. Without the ability to monitor and target ads, advertisers tended to spend their dollars elsewhere on a more traceable product. High click-through has no meaning in conversions remain low and there is no reliable way to track who clicked through. SEO efforts are greatly diminished as a result.

Facebook Partners With Atlas

Atlas is a mobile advertising service comparable to Google Adsense and is not related to Facebook. It is interesting to note that Facebook recently starting using Atlas for all its mobile advertising – and it seems to have been a good decision. Since Facebook could not readily manage how to keep mobile advertising customers, why not go to a company with success? It seems as if Atlas is the missing link for any company, not just Facebook, to achieve great SEO results in College Station with better mobile effectiveness.

Atlas works through a complex combination of monitoring mobile website activity, along with Facebook activity, which includes activity on other devices. The recipe is complicated, yet the action itself of keeping track of what people view and like as well as showing them targeted advertising is simple. It is the general basis for how target ads are created across the web. The biggest difference with Atlas is that it provides analytics information to ad buyers who are trying to get the best SEO in College Station TX based on who sees those ads. This allows advertisers to track their progress with certain audiences and make changes as necessary. Atlas takes the best of web advertising in general – and makes it work on mobile devices.

Although Facebook advertising is now purchased through Atlas rather than Facebook, results both companies are seeing thus far should be noticed by advertisers looking for greater performance – and lead to better SEO results in College Station. Being able to know who is seeing and interacting with advertisements on mobile devices is bringing these internet ads into real time!

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