The main goal of social media marketing is to gain exposure, which will hopefully result in conversions. Through continuous visibility on social sites such as Facebook and Twitter and by using business profiles on Yelp and similar review sites, brands that stay current in the public eye should see a reward. E-letters are another tool that a social media marketing firm might use to help company relevancy and keep a brand name continuously in front of interested eyes. A regularly published, informative email can benefit companies in many ways.

Growing A Subscriber Base

Social media marketing firms will tell you that a subscriber base is very important to a brand and can serve as another way to stay in front of an interested consumer’s eye, just like followers and likes on social media sites are beneficial. E-letters provide a way for a brand to share newsletters and marketing emails with subscribed users. It also provides important marketing data to any business sending the letters, helping them to understand who is receiving, reading, and reacting to their emails. A large subscriber base gives a company important information about social media marketing efforts as well as a large audience for current news or upcoming promotions.

Providing Content to Those Who Want It

Subscriber lists offer other benefits as well by being sent to a targeted audience. Those who make the effort to subscribe to an email newslette often do so because they are actually interested in receiving content from a certain brand directly in their email inbox. This is helpful for improving brand awareness, spreading valuable information, and increasing conversions. It also tends to generate high quality website traffic, especially if email newsletters contain links to full articles on the company’s website.

Promoting Important Information

Not all brand emails need to be about products for sale and making money. With a regular, informative email newsletter, companies can gain many benefits simply by providing good information to their subscribers. A newsletter offers value to the subscriber even without directly asking them to spend money. This builds credibility and reputation.

It also lets a brand present featured information to increase reader understanding of that particular brand, further a reader’s knowledge of the industry, and invite further interaction through email, social sites, or a company website. Newsletters that contain exclusive information or special subscriber offers are a great may to use social media marketing that can result in increased conversions, even from an informative newsletter.

The important thing to remember is that email newsletters, though different than sales emails, can be just as effective in helping increase brand recognition - and sales. By using this type of targeted social media marketing, a company can learn about their audience, their brand, and how to increase conversions. Companies interested in adding the benefits of an email newsletter to their online marketing campaigns should discuss this with a social media marketing firm right away!

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