Achieving the best SEO in College Station Texas is achieved by reaching the right people through many different methods, including retargeting and remarketing. Although both terms are related to managing online advertising campaigns by ensuring that such ads are seen by the right audiences, these methods can also be used as a part of web marketing to improve marketing results. To do this effectively, it is important to understand retargeting and remarketing and how these techniques are applied for best marketing and best SEO results

What is Retargeting?

Retargeting is the marketing approach used by SEO consultants to gain valuable user information with retargeting pixels or cookies. Information that is gained is then used to specifically target advertising and content to that “pixelated” audience with certain ads related to that person’s prior viewing history. Although some perceive this as an internet form of stalking, its intent is to increase that targeted person’s interest in making a purchase by seeing ads for that product when viewing other websites. As a result, targeting is much more specific and conversions are likely to be higher, according to most experienced SEO consultants.

What is Remarketing?

Remarketing is the term coined by Google after retargeting was developed that describes Google’s Adwords process of focusing optimization and advertising efforts based on information gathered about users in various ways, including web analytics and other means of user identification. That information is used like remarketing to target prior viewers with specific advertising or website content to increase click-throughs and ultimately sales.

Similar, Yet Different

If retargeting and remarketing seem very similar – they are. The same methodology is used to target audiences with more specific advertising and website content; however, the information is gathered slightly differently. The information gathered is used in similar ways to build effective SEO based on previous viewing and visiting history. Both methods are simply a way to focus effort on having the right audience matched with the right – and even desired – website content, making those viewers more likely to convert based on past online behavior. It saves internet marketing dollars by focusing attention on already-interested viewers, rather than wasting money and SEO efforts on uninterested audiences. Achieving impressive SEO results now requires knowing how to effectively and economically use remarketing techniques.

How Is Remarketing and Retargeting Used?

Retargeting and remarketing requires knowing how to gather the right information from website visitors and use it wisely – it must be closely monitored to be effective and achieve the best results. For most website owners, this requires the knowledge and expertise of the best SEO company to achieve what may well be startling results. By using cookies, scripts, and analytics reports, it is possible to see who has visited a site, searched for a specific product or query, and clicked on certain web pages. That information is used to program appropriate advertising to show on a web page as a targeted pop up for targeted users as they search the internet. Getting the right ads in front of the right people, based on how they have used other websites on the internet, is the principle behind retargeting and remarketing.

A website with any type of a marketing and SEO effort needs leadership that is aware of and willing to use remarketing and retargeting to leverage overall website success. Being the unequaled SEO leader with the various search engines requires effectively and efficiently finding the right audience for targeted marketing. This can be achieved with campaigns directed at a more focused group of potential purchasers. Finding out who those people are and concentrating the right advertising efforts on them is what remarketing and retargeting is all about!

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