SEO and Blogs – Working Together!

Blogs have become an important part of a website, a way to get better optimization. Although they require more work, companies who offer expert services concerning SEO agree that a blog is one of the best ways to continue to work at achieving the best SEO. A website with an active blog consistently gains the best search engine optimization results via higher search engine ranking.

Why Is Creating A Blog So Important To SEO?

It has been proven that a consistently-updated website that provides information posted via a blog is an effective way to increase SEO. Following are a few very valid reasons why this is true:

  • Constant Activity – Because blogs are designed to be frequently updated, constant activity does several things that increase SEO results. It increases how often the entire website is indexed, brings in more traffic to both the blog and website, and provides content to post on social media to keep a brand relevant and people interacting.

  • Comments and Trackbacks – Blogs promote discussion when commenting is allowed. Engaging readers through comments increases blog value, as do trackback links set content is found to be particularly relevant or useful. All of this activity increases indexing, adds value, and improves search engine optimization because the site is viewed as having importance to visiting audiences.

  • More Chances to Optimize – Having more content to post provides an increased opportunity to use keywords, gather incoming and outgoing links, and provide more means for search engines to locate pages, since most blog software is designed for efficient optimization and fast indexing, which normally provides simpler, easier to index page URLs. So a blog is crawled more easily than other web pages.

  • Valuable Content – Blogs offer a website the opportunity to feature or highlight more in-depth information that is relevant and necessary than a simple mention or listing on a website. They provide the opportunity to give valuable information to readers, increasing the chance they will come back. It also increases the perception by both readers and Google that it is an authority on a topic and not just a merchant. Those who offer top notch services for improving SEO know that both Google and visitors appreciate good information – and providing that information makes a blog and website more valuable.

  • Blog Directories For More Traffic – Just as there are article directories, there are also blog directories. By submitting a blog to one of the many directory sites available, it will get even more exposure to targeted audiences who are interested in the topics covered – increasing site visits. Constant site traffic from various sources is an important part of gaining optimal search engine optimization, making blog directories a great way to attract more visitors.

  • Longer Visits – Blogs encourage longer visits when they have high quality, relevant information to offer, and are well-optimized for easy, user-friendly use. This is one more factor that helps creates good SEO. Longer and repeated visits are important for a blog or website to establish value to its visitors, which is then interpreted as value to the search engines.

Having a blog on every website is an important way to achieve great SEO results and increase the value of a website with high page ranking. Businesses who are experts in SEO services suggest that any website without a blog should add one, since a well-optimized, frequently updated blog offers one of the easiest and fastest ways for a company to improve their SEO!

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