The key to a great website and great optimization is having high quality content. Since it is well known that Google’s priorities are now to remove poor quality websites and reward the good quality ones, this is something that is documented frequently today. The best SEO companies know this is what they must do in order to build a good site for their clients and achieve the best results with their optimization campaigns. One question is sometimes overlooked – what is considered quality website content? Answering this question is essential before a business can expect to have an effective, well-optimized site, since the basis of all SEO starts with good quality content.

Why Is Quality Content So Important?

A first-rate SEO company knows there are two main reasons why good quality content is so important:

  1. Users – Website users appreciate finding good content and reward that site by staying longer, converting, and visiting more often.

  2. Google – Search engines like Google know all of this. When they see users appreciate a site and find the high quality content, they recognize the reputation and credibility the site has earned and reward it with a higher page ranking based on SEO and how important that website is to its users.

What Make Up Quality Website Content?

For content to be considered high quality, companies who are reputable and reliable in SEO must first ensure that content has a few main attributes that cater to the viewer and the website:

  • Informative – Above all, readers come to a website to find good information about whatever their topic of interest may be. Providing that makes content valuable to them.

  • Relevant – Content must also be relevant to the topic and search queries to hold value to website visitors. Readers want to reach the content they search for quickly and have it relate to their needs.

  • Credible – Content must be believable and factually correct in order to be viewed as credible by readers. Credibility, and a sense of authority, is essential for content to be viewed as valuable content.

  • Mechanically Correct – Believable, authoritative, relevant content actually loses much of its credibility if it is not presented with correct grammar and spelling, along with the proper language that would be expected for the topic and by the audience.

  • Readable – Content must be presented so it is easy to read by carefully considering: type style and size; use of color and whitespace; headlines and headers; bullet points; and anything else that helps create easily viewed and understood content, as effortless viewing is how you keep a visitor on a site and not turn them away with pages that are poorly laid out for easy reading.

All of the above qualities, along with strategic use of well-researched keywords, create content that is properly optimized, both for readers and Google. This yields content that serves its purposes, reaches website goals, and receives higher consideration by search engines. This should be the main goal of any professional company that deals with SEO – to construct the best website and include the highest quality content. Website owners should evaluate existing web pages and ensure their content offers this to viewers. When it does, benefits are typically seen in the form of better SEO, increased traffic, and greater overall website success!

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