SEO Value Of Having Google Crawl Your Website – Often!


A great website is only great if people are able to see it - and that occurs through indexing. Google’s web crawlers look for new content as websites are posted or changed, then index these pages to make them available for others to search for them. With millions of websites to search through, finding ways to speed up indexing is advisable and beneficial for SEO. An important aspect of providing the best SEO expert services is understanding the correlation between efficient web crawling and improved page rank. Faster, more efficient web indexing is achieved using the same practices that also promote better SEO.

Post Unique Quality Content

The more content made available to index and be seen by Google spiders, the more likely it is that the spiders will return to look for more new content. Websites that are frequently updated with unique and valuable content keep indexers checking back. This ensures that the most current content is always available to viewers. New content that is indexed faster pleases viewers, keeps them coming back - and improves SEO.

Improve Website Speed

There are various ways both designers and SEO expert services can keep site speed as fast as possible, which helps both the user and the indexers. From a good title and description tags for each page, to using optimized images and media, efforts should be made to keep pages loading quickly to avoid a  high clock-off rate. Keep page and especially image sizes manageable and optimized for fast loading and search. Monitor site speed using a good site testing or performance tracker tool.

Have A Sitemap                                       

Sitemaps provide users another way to peruse a website other than the standard navigational menu and also valuable for indexing. Sitemaps provide one more way for web spiders to crawl a site other than through the URLs of each page - speeding up the indexing process.

Check Server Function and Responses

To ensure that both indexers and users see what they should, it is important to monitor servers using website auditing tools, such as those available in Google’s Webmasters Tools. These can show how many times and how quickly a page has been indexed. Both of these factors should be used to help decide if any changes should be made to improve SEO and indexing, and then monitor the results. 

Monitor Crawl Frequency and Rate

Just like monitoring server responses, tracking shows how often and how quickly a site is indexed, which can tell a lot about its optimization. Better SEO, and the practices necessary to achieve that, also improve website indexing speed and frequency. Tools designed to track how many times a site is indexed and how long it takes are extremely valuable when judging website SEO.  The results should then be monitored to determine any changes needed to improve optimization.

Attract Inbound Links

The value of inbound links for SEO is widely known; however, these links are also valuable for indexing. Web crawlers follow links from other sites to these linked sites, since a link leaving one to go to another indicates importance. It also invites crawlers to index website incoming links more frequently.

While all of the things referenced above are necessary for faster, more efficient indexing by Google’s web crawlers, it is important for SEO expert services to understand how these ideas relate to good SEO. As with many things that are important to website building and optimization, these ideas work together collectively, one helping the other. Improving optimization will improve indexing and vice-versa. Monitoring website indexing is a great way to improve SEO - and with improved SEO, more efficient indexing will happen!

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