Developing the best SEO strategies is an ongoing effort that has website designers and SEO experts spending countless hours trying to get ahead.  There are frequent changes in opinion on what creates the best SEO, most of which naturally follows Google’s algorithm changes. In stepping outside of the box, some SEO experts now question Google’s actual motives with their many algorithm changes.  Some experts suggest something revolutionary - that the best SEO comes from pleasing the user and nothing more.

A Closer Look at Google and SEO

Google is at the forefront of everything related to searching on the internet, as everyone knows. Google has done - and continues to do - a world of good in terms of getting rid of spam websites that rob quality websites from deserved page rank. This has been achieved by continued and systematic adjustment of the search algorithm that penalizes certain actions while rewarding others. It works well for both reputable websites that provide quality and useful content and users looking for such sites.

A recent question has arisen: while Google manipulates the algorithm to keep certain practices out, are they also manipulating it to encourage other practices that are beneficial to them and not just the user? Google on one hand states that the user is most important, while at the same time they change how SEO works so as to benefit itself. No one questions that Google is indeed a business.  The important question is if their manipulation of the algorithm is more to provide greater income for Google than to please the user? It is a question that has conflicting answers.

Which SEO Strategy Is Most Important?

With all the frequent search algorithm changes, it leaves some wondering whether there really is a 'best' strategy for SEO. Are complex strategies really so important and do they actually please users?

The answer to this question requires grasping the necessity of good SEO results. The main purpose of SEO is to increase visibility and get a website seen by the most people.  This fact directly parallels and is enhanced by making the user a #1 priority. It goes right back to the value of good quality content and understanding that user-friendliness keeps a website being seen and viewed. A website can gain rank by providing quality content, convenient usage, and easy accessibility on any mobile device or platform. 

Google recognizes websites based on user actions. Providing a site that caters to user needs can directly influence user actions. The effect is somewhat cyclical, although it does serve to prove a few things about Google and how good SEO results are achieved. Google’s changes continue to support the need for making users happy by rewarding those pages that do just that. This can also mean that what is needed to gain page rank is creating a website that makes the user happy.

Creating a user-friendly website that helps users and enhances SEO results is easier said than done, although this has always been the main focus for effective SEO. The only thing that has changed is how Google penalizes a website for techniques that are not user-friendly or do not provide value. The thing to keep in mind is that getting the best SEO does not have to lying in wait to see what Google’s next move will be. A site that uses methods known to be user-friendly will automatically please both users and Google - and increase page rank. Designing for happy users is the most important SEO strategy to use!

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