As SEO and page ranking becomes more challenging due to the continual changes to Google’s search algorithm, website owners should be looking outside the typical keyword box to achieve any success. A secret that those who work with the best SEO company in College Station Texas know is that it is beneficial to use both alternate keywords and synonyms. The key to understanding this benefit is to understand synonyms and how to use them.

What Are Synonyms?

Synonyms are different words that mean the same thing. The importance is the meaning, since many terms used as synonyms actually have slightly different meanings. When College Station SEO companies use synonyms for effective SEO, it is crucial to select phrases that actually mean the same thing with few other interpretations.

How Google Interprets Synonyms

As search algorithms have become more capable yet more complex, Google can recognize synonyms, which is clearly demonstrated by the results returned from a single search term, often both exact matches and similar synonym matches. The current algorithm understands that synonyms mean the same thing, even if they are not expressed in the same exact words.

It also applies to other types of relationships between synonyms such as the following:

  • Co-Occurrences – When the actual words on a linking site affect the original site’s page rank.

  • Co-Citations – When related sites that link to co-occurring sites affect a site’s page rank without actually linking to it.

Google’s ranking behavior increases the reach of popular keywords by putting value on its many synonyms; it also can increase the exposure of a page. The most successful College Station Texas SEO companies are skilled in profitable keyword use and understand how to use this lesser-known method to increase website traffic for clients. Websites using well-researched synonyms to promote these types of relationships gain improved page rank and extend relationships with other pages that deal with the same topic. It also helps create more unique content, which aids optimization in other ways.

Best Use of Synonyms

As with everything about SEO, the proper use of synonyms demands good research, often with the help of the best SEO companies in College Station TX. It is more than simply replacing a keyword with a synonym, since certain words are more likely to be searched than others. Although it is almost like doing double keyword research, the benefits can be significant as promotes more web page recognition by Google with both the associated keywords being used and the context in which they are used.

For this to work, content must contain the primary keywords and appropriate synonyms. Finding good synonyms can be as simple as using an online thesaurus to select the most relevant, searched terms. Google’s free keyword research tools can be used as well.

Every website owner needs to understand the crucial relationship between keywords and synonyms – or seek the help of highly qualified SEO companies to manage their SEO effort. Putting this method to use will create content that sounds better and is much more likely to be noticed by Google!

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