In February 2011, Google released its Panda algorithm – one of the most significant changes made in recent years to its massive search engines. Initially, there was substantial outcry as many respectable websites were negatively impacted. Since then, the best SEO companies in College Station Texas report that things seem more under control. There is still much to learn about Panda, as Google continues to make changes and recalculate itself. This happens so frequently it is of termed the “Google Dance.”

What Is the Google Dance?

Since Panda was released, it was noticed that Google goes through frequent, smaller update besides the major ones,. These updates are slowly tricked out by Google, usually during the third quarter of the month to avoid a noticeable, negative affect. Page rank is recalculated based on such changes to provide a more current result.

Google has described it as being a “dance” of sorts, because the changes are slowly released, causing search engine result fluctuation until the next indexing and recalculation. This is again followed by more slowly added updates – and the dance goes around and around. While many of the best SEO companies suspected something such as this was going on behind the scenes, there is now confirmation that this is true.

How Does the Dance Affect Websites?

The Google Dance gives good websites the best possible exposure through timely updating of the algorithm. Of course, such constant adjustment makes gaining and keeping page rank very challenging. It also supports the idea that working with a good, experienced SEO compan in College Station TX might be the best choice, as website maintenance and management really has become a full-time job as far as page ranking is concerned.

Technically, the Panda algorithm is beneficial as it provides an accurate view of the affect of SEO on a website. It can still be deceiving, especially during recalculation times. Google has many servers to store its information, all of which go through a slow re-indexing and updating process. This accounts for the fluctuation that is noted from one day to the next while it is updating, indexing, and recalculating.

What Does The Google Dance Mean?

In a nutshell, while Google continues to keep poor quality websites from ranking and more improvements are made to the Panda filter, website owners are likely to see some mild fluctuation in page rank. The best time to check a website’s actual rank is during the first half of any month to gauge changes from the previous month.

Achieving good page rank requires more than just adding quality content; there are other methods Google recommends for a high rank. Optimization has become more challenging, so working with the best SEO company in College Station TX can help. Remember that the Google Dance exists to benefit hard-working websites; so keep up with good SEO and enjoy the benefits of dancing with the Panda!

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