Video has taken a bit of a backseat in today’s world of lighter, mobile-ready website design. While this provides some benefit for SEO purposes, it also loses some as well. Video is being used for other important things in the quest for the best search engine optimization, with video marketing rising as a great method to increase optimization in a user-friendly way. Properly used, video marketing can be a great asset for any business!

Why Video Marketing?

YouTube, as one of the most popular social media sites along with Facebook and Twitter, is a social venue that businesses should be using. Of course, having a YouTube channel requires videos, and many companies have become very creative in the use of marketing and informative video as part of their SEO and general marketing campaigns. Following are some of the reasons why the best SEO consultants are using YouTube as a part of client publicity campaigns:

  • People Like Video – YouTube averages over 6 million video views per month, so evidence is pretty clear that people like video. What people don’t like is not being able to load a video. When linked to a website or shared in other ways where a user has control, internet visitors will go to a YouTube channel and view videos. A separate YouTube channel, rather than video embedded in a website, helps to ensure that.

  • Easily Shared – YouTube promotes easy sharing on all of the main social media sites, making it very easy to get a video in front of users. With a few simple clicks, videos can be embedded in Facebook, on websites, or sent to Twitter via links. The best SEO consultants know that website code must remain light, since the video is actually hosted on YouTube, not the website. YouTube videos can also be uploaded to other video websites, further increasing views, followers, and traffic to associated sites.

  • Easy Interaction – YouTube allows people to follow channels, receive notification of new uploads, and join in comments and conversations on a video’s web page. It also opens up communication and sharing with followers on other social sites, increasing relevance, importance, and traffic to associated social pages and company websites.

Improving SEO with Video Marketing

Professionals with SEO expert services suggest that video marketing is a great way for a company to increase their SEO, based on the points referenced above, when a channel is used to its full advantage. By using video, a business gets more exposure, and the best search engine optimization from even the more standard SEO methods. Following are more ways to improve SEO when using video:

  • Video Descriptions and Links – Use the provided description boxes to include important information, such as summaries, keywords, and links to websites and social sites. SEO consultants say this will help increase shares, mentions, and places for Google to index. Additionally, links can be placed within the videos themselves, to increase traffic and improve optimization.

  • Increased Visibility means Better Optimization – Being easily accessible on social sites, other video sites, and websites means a company’s video is much more likely to be seen, commented on, shared and acknowledged. This improves visibility, site traffic, and conversions, which contributes to better SEO.

When used as part of a strategic marketing campaign, many businesses are discovering how video marketing can work for them. Obtaining the best search engine optimization involves a continued search for newer and better ways to stay competitive. With the popularity of social video sharing sites, video marketing has become a great tool for businesses to share their message, and gain overall brand name optimization as well!

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