Understanding the target audience for website blogs is perhaps one of the hardest SEO things to explain. Although it is logical to assume that a client's target audience would be the local audience that wants to use their services or products, that often is not the case.  Blogs go out through our own unique system to many readers, thanks to the use of social media to 'spread the word.'

Who Will Read Your Blogs?

A blog's primary readers may not be local – because ultimately, it can and should be anyone who finds the title and subject matter interesting enough to click on the link and read it. That action of creating a link back to a client's website is our ultimate goal, because we know that it is a valuable factor that Google uses to determine how high to rank that page, keyword, and the website it belongs to.

Topics - Broad or Narrow?

So, the broader the topics are that are covered in a blog, the more likely it is for many people to read it, as opposed to only a few readers interested in a very specific topic. A narrow topic unique only to that client and website will have a limited appeal and readership. A broad, interesting, even educational topic that relates to a website's product or service in any way will have a much wider appeal and subsequent readership.

How Does A Blog Affect Rankings?

The idea of blogs is to gather as many links from organic readers as possible - more links mean increasing ranking on the search results page when  you search for the keywords contained in that article. Because of readers who liked the article enough to click on a link to read the article, ranking increases as reading of the article increases.

End Result?

Then, when someone who does want to purchase goods or services from a local business Googles on a particular keyword, the efforts of all those article readers places that keyword and its article and/or landing page towards the top of the search results list as a valued source for whatever that keyword might be - and an interested purchaser is linked to a client's website!

Ultimate Intent of Blogs?

As you may be able to see, there is a real 'art' to using blogs to increase the presence of websites and increase SEO ranking for important keywords that will actually generate sales.  The intent of blogs is not to directly sell a product or service; it is to interest readers anywhere across the internet to read that article and give us a link that, hopefully combined with many other similar organic links, will increase a client's keyword rankings and authority with Google.

Articles and blogs are used to put websites under Google's radar, so to speak, with valuable, interesting content as often as possible. The broad appeal of an article topic is what works best when using blogs to help increase viewer interest, search engine rankings, and overall website visibility!

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