The Internet is continually changing, and with it, so are the rules of SEO. Getting the best SEO is not the same as it was in the months and years past. This is an important concept for website owners and SEO designers to understand, since it means that even the best SEO company needs to continually revisit SEO marketing techniques to ensure that marketing efforts are still as effective as they were in the past.

SEO Marketing of the Past

In past years, in the early years of SEO marketing, everything was based on numbers, and not so much on content. Traffic, page hits, and conversions were mainly what drove SEO in the sense that the more of those things a website had, the higher its value was - so it received higher page rank. Content, and the best SEO efforts, took a back seat at that time since marketers were able to use techniques that attracted users to even the very worst of websites, simply because they had high traffic.

SEO Marketing of Today

After many years of SERP's filled with junk and spam pages in the ranks, Google began to take notice and remedy this. For the past five years or so, they have been gradually changing their search algorithms to reward actual content, and not necessarily pages that get the most hits. Those worthless web pages, with a few lines of bad copy and little else, are finally being pushed off the SERP's.

With algorithm changes, marketers are seeing that websites with great content are ranking higher - a substantial game changer. Successful SEO marketing now requires not nearly so much thought about finding ways to build traffic artificially, but how to create the content that will build it naturally. Google has so many ways of assigning value to a website now that it has become increasingly more difficult to rank based on number of hits alone. This is bad for spam sites, but great for actual, good quality websites out that deserve attention.

What Does This Mean for SEO Marketing in the Future?

The numbers marketing of the past, has been replaced with the content marketing of today and the future. The results of this effort, and the fact that websites with something valuable to present are what now rank, indicate that this trend is going to continue - most likely permanently. This makes sense since people who search on Google want to find the most relevant results for what they are looking for - not pages of junk that just happen to have the right keywords.

Along with this, Google is shaping page ranking to reward websites that provide the best user experience (UX) via mobile-friendly sites, responsive design, and optimized navigation - among other things. Therefore, the marketing techniques of the best SEO companies need to move in the direction of ensuring that a website is accessible and easy to use, while delivering quality content. Bounce rates are being monitored, as are user interactions with websites, leading to the belief that Google will continue improving rank based on both UX and content.

Based on the progression of algorithm changes, Google has continued to demand higher quality in its ranking websites. What this likely means moving forward, is that obtaining the best SEO will once again involve adapting to ensure that websites deliver the best user experience, as well as quality content. Users want great websites. For those working to achieve good SEO, it means providing great UX and content. Although by this point in the game, the best websites should already be offering these qualities. For sites that are not ranking, the recommendation is to work with the best SEO company available to analyze problems in providing optimal experience, then correct any issues to improve page rank!

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