Facebook is one of the most popular websites on the internet today, which is something every business owner should know. As Facebook has evolved from a social site exchange for family and friends to a powerful business tool, advertising has almost become its most important element. When used correctly, many companies find that Facebook advertising is well worth the cost, at least when the campaign is done by a knowledgeable SEO company as part of search engine optimization campaign. An important aspect of this type of advertising is knowing exactly how it works in order to measure success.

Why Advertise on Facebook?

The answer to the above question as to why a company should invest any SEO efforts on Facebook advertising is because so many people use this website. Facebook currently has 1.19 billion active accounts, including nearly one billion mobile users and 750+ million daily users. This is a huge audience for all types of businesses to target – and it’s easy to do on Facebook. If SEO expert services confirm that a company’s audience is comprised of Facebook users, there are then ample ways by which a business can reach that targeted audience on Facebook. What will be the results? Followers, website traffic, and visibility – all of which creates effective SEO results and can increased conversions.

How Does Facebook Advertising Work?

The main purpose of SEO advertising on Facebook is for the use the “likes” to generate customers, actual interested people via the use of the “likes,” which are synonymous with public approval. The more likes proportionately raises a company’s approval rating, which equates to a good reputation. The two combined increases the chance that a “like” will become a customer.

To generate likes, a business can use a number of different methods of advertising, both on and off Facebook. One way is to offer something free to a user, such as a download, a chance in a raffle, or a coupon, in exchange for an email address and a “like” for the Facebook page. Another way is to buy advertising rights on Facebook. Sidebar ads can be used; ads that show users which of their friends already like a page; ads related to a specific location; and search queries or ads that show up based on a user’s other likes. There are also various ways to generate page likes both on and off Facebook, although the initial challenge is to get users to the Facebook page of a business.

When designed by an experienced SEO company, Facebook advertising can do more than generate page likes. Facebook advertising is useful to publicize a special offer or some other promotion to people who have already liked a page as well as to those who are not already following the page. One of the best things about using Facebook advertising is the effective targeting method it offers, very specific as to location, niche, or other such information. By focusing on certain groups of people, a business owner can experience increased likes and conversions by marketing to interested audiences and lower advertising costs by reaching out to those most likely to be interested.

Whatever advertising campaign is chosen, the basis of Facebook advertising is simply to get exposure to the right group of people and encourage them to follow the page. By working with a company who offers expert SEO services, Facebook can be an important part of generating optimal SEO results and the accompanying benefits. Advertising is indeed costly; however, Facebook ads have been effective for many businesses since they provide exposure in a more dedicated manner to groups of people most likely to convert – and conversion is what sales is all about!

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