What Are The Real Facts About Remarketing?


Remarketing has become the latest buzzword in SEO and social media marketing, showing great promise for companies who want to attract past audiences and turn them into current customers. Unfortunately, many businesses do not completely understand what remarketing is, and the many benefits possible when using this technique. When correctly used by a social media marketing company that knows how to use the proper remarketing strategies, many different types of businesses can gain a marketing advantage over their competitors.

Increase Conversion Rates

Even though remarketing presents the same ads to the same people multiple times, an effective and well-designed remarketing campaign increases conversion rates. When properly targeted, remarketing presents relevant ads to those viewers who have shown the most interest in a product with recent, active searches and other actions. Social media marketing companies who retarget these viewers for their clients, multiple times, wind up with a greater chance at converting when a viewer decides to buy.

Increase Brand Recognition

Marketing and SEO has proven that brand recognition plays an important and positive role in conversion rates, as companies that viewers recognize fare the best in attracting new customers with their social media marketing. Therefore, when viewers are retargeted, their recognition of a brand and its products is elevated, adding to the increased chance they will convert.

Bypass The Marketing Funnel

Remarketing is frequently more effective in gaining conversions from targeted viewers, because it bypasses the entire marketing funnel. Rather than bringing a huge segment of traffic to a website, most of whom will not translate into conversions, remarketing brings in a more defined traffic that has definite interest, and is most likely to convert. This is also great for SEO.

Greater Marketing Flexibility

Display ads are generating almost as much attention now as searches in terms of ad campaign success. This means remarketing makes more sense than ever, especially considering how it targets those viewers who are the most interested in an ad. Additionally, with remarketing lists for both search and social media ads, such as those that can be purchased on Facebook and Twitter, there is great flexibility in the types of ads that can be used, as well as the various places these ads can be seen. Remarketing on social networks increases the power of these ads exponentially, through greater targeted exposure.

Cost Effective Advertising

In comparison to search ads, it has been proven in certain marketing studies that in many advertising markets, display and social network remarketing ads are much less expensive overall. When comparing conversion rates to cost-per-click amounts, skillful remarketing campaigns on social network sites such as Facebook provide a greater return for the advertising dollar based on the amount of conversions they produce.

When properly executed by an experienced social media marketing company, ad remarketing can be a very valuable tool, enabling businesses to obtain the most success from their advertising dollars. With the many ways in which this technique affordably increases conversions, companies should look into remarketing, and how it can compliment their current social media marketing strategies!

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