What Is The Value of Facebook Advertising?


Facebook has become one of the most popular and visited websites in the world, making it a valuable tool for social media marketing. With an enormous user base, Facebook has become one of the more important advertising options for all different types of businesses since there is so much exposure for them on Facebook. Given the many positives that advertising on Facebook offers, its value to most companies seeking social followers, website traffic, and increased sales, is high. Businesses looking for social media marketing help to improve their online exposure as well as their sales conversions, should consider advertising on Facebook for the most bang for their advertising buck.

Affordable Advertising

Based on the return gained, advertising on Facebook can often be more affordable and efficient than placing search ads on Google. Advertising rates are lower in comparison to most other online advertising, and the results obtained make those rates even more affordable. Many businesses try Facebook advertising just to see how they will do, and decide to continue their ads due to the positive response.

Targeted Ad Campaigns

Facebook structures its advertising methods to help businesses target their ads so they reach the right viewers. By doing this, companies can more easily be sure that their well-designed ad is targeted to the people they want their company to be seen by. This increases advertising efficiency, while keeping advertising costs lower. Additionally, with Facebook’s "like" feature, and similar feedback options, businesses can gather information on which viewers enjoy their ads and which prefer not to see them, giving them even more social media marketing help, for more effective targeting.

Wider Exposure to the Right Audiences

Because of the ease of placing target ads on Facebook, many companies have a wider exposure than even search ads provide, since these ads are seen without the need for a search. The number of active Facebook users is approaching 2 billion per month, which provides a huge audience for these campaigns, even after ad targeting. The ability for users to share ads broadens that exposure even more, making this form of social media marketing even more effective.

Many Advertising Options

Besides the vastness of the people on Facebook, another major benefit of placing social media marketing ads with them is the many different advertising options offered by the site. Today, businesses can choose from a variety of options, including: display advertising and news feed ads; lead ads (prominent advertising that links the user to a page where they can obtain more information about a product); search ads; video ads; ad carousels; and most recently, Canvas ads. Advertising on Facebook Messenger is apparently on the way, as well.

Canvas, which is designed for mobile users, allows users to click the ad to see a full screen advertisement that may host images, video, and other interactive qualities. They can then immediately return to Facebook after viewing the ad. Thus far, companies who have tried Canvas are reporting a significant increase in lead quality, alongside a significant reduction in lead cost. Facebook is also continually developing and fine-tuning its advertising platform, so those companies that do invest in advertisements on the site are offered continued improvements in targeting methods and ad types to better serve them.

Facebook advertising provides businesses with a world of opportunity, for a relatively low cost. Facebook's immense popularity, along with the many types of ads available, and the ease in creating targeted advertising campaigns, makes this site one of today’s best options for social media marketing. For companies seeking the best options in online and social advertising, and the social media marketing help their websites need for increased conversions, advertising on Facebook could be a profitable answer!

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